лучшие лосьоны для сухой кожиIf you have dry skin, the hot season can be more stressful because of the scorching sun. But don’t worry about it: the best lotions for dry skin any price range will solve all problems.


For those suffering from follicular keratosis

Moisturizing body lotion AmLactin. If you have red skin roughness, you know firsthand how hard is to find a lotion that cares for dry skin, at the same time not exacerbating her condition. That’s where Amlactin comes to the rescue: it not only will keep the skin hydrated and give you a feeling of softness, 12% lactic acid helps to keep the disease in check. The lotion is a special scent that disappears on the skin, but people who are sensitive to fragrances should test it before purchase.

лосьоны для сухой кожи Amlactin


лучшие средства для сухой кожи Aveda



For dry hands

Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme is the only lotion for dry skin that you need. It not only soothes and moisturizes skin, but completely restores the cuticle and has a beautiful color and aroma. Leave it on the desktop or in the office, and you will see amazing results even within weeks you won’t recognize your own hands.


For those who recently got a tattoo

What makes the skin more dry, itchy and flaky than a new tattoo? Aftercare is very important, not only for your health but also for the sake of the tattoo. You don’t want a new body art disappeared or eroded, isn’t it? That’s where you need healing ointment Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Of course, you should definitely follow the advice of your tattoo artist, but as far as lotions (or even wash), then choose Aquaphor odorless and without any stimuli. This will help you to decrease the dryness of your skin with the tattoo for a couple of days, and in this weather, it’s just a miracle.

средства для сухой кожи Aquaphor


косметические средства для сухой кожи CeraVe




Moisturizing lotion CeraVe regardless of your system of treatment is considered the gold standard for care of eczema. Earlier it was available only on prescription. The lotion soothes, absorbs quickly into the skin and does not cause painful sensations. It is 100% odorless.


For luxury women

Everyone likes unusual lotions, they immediately become popular, and L’occitane Divine Creme definitely like this. If you have dry skin (especially in such sensitive areas, such as under the eyes), it’s the only lotion you need. Not only will it remove dryness, but also can be applied under makeup. He is perfect in all respects.

лучшие косметические средства для сухой кожи L'Occitane


зимние средства для сухой кожи Kiehl's



When winter dryness

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter is the main lotion for those who are trapped winter. It may seem incredible, but it’s actually a miracle lotion. It not only smells divine (and this is said by those who don’t like most scents), he absorbed per second and helps the skin to recover extremely quickly. If you are looking for a substance resembling more than anything a magic health potion for the skin, this is the body oil.


For self

So many people love coconut oil, and it is easy to understand: it is cheap, versatile and it works. Vita Coco creates your favorite coconut oil of all time Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it supernaturalnuyu and makes skin look (and feel) amazing. A brief caveat: even if you have a normal skin condition, consult your dermatologist before you lubricate it with any oil. Coconut oil, although useful for many, but it forms comedones, so it may clog your pores.

лучшие масла для сухой кожи Vita Coco

Vita Coco

лучшие лосьоны для ног AmLactin



For dry feet

Due to the fact that now the season of shoes and boots, it is not necessary to neglect the feet. Therapeutic foot cream AmLactin care for even the driest, in poor condition the legs. Spread the legs a thick layer of cream, put on a pair of warm socks and let the cream do its work. You will be amazed at the results.


For sensitive skin

To have dry skin when you are sensitive to everything that is real hell. Fortunately, there is Bert”s bees Fragrance free Shea butter and Vitamin E Body Lotion. This luxurious (and affordable) moisturizing cream will help to re moisturize the skin, at the same time without causing itching or redness.

лучшие лосьоны для чувствительной кожи Bert’s bees

Bert”s bees

лучшие средства для сухих губ Fresh



For dry lips

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy – it’s not a lotion, but this is the answer you’ve been looking for to heal dry skin of the lips. This serum went on sale as an anti-aging product, it not only helps to moisturize, but also loosens the dry skin to make it easier to remove it. Just apply it on your lips, then RUB with a cotton pad in small circular motions. You will be surprised how soft and smooth will be your after that kiss.

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