лучшие тени для бровейMany modern women have shadows for browsto create effective and attractive fashion makeover. But how to choose the best shade for eyebrows? On what features cosmetics, you need to pay attention, to not regret the purchase? Cosmetics which manufacturers worked well?


Features tools

макияж бровейToday eyebrow at least, and sometimes even more important than eye makeup and lips. It is the eyebrows, according to makeup artists, give a person individuality, they emphasize the natural beauty and attractiveness. The former, first of all, only a “frame for the eye, today, eyebrows play a leading role.

For coloring eyebrows makeup artists recommend not to use traditional pencils and shadows. In some cases the optimum effect can be obtained by combining these two kinds of cosmetics. And sometimes quite alone and the shadows – they look natural and allow you to very quickly bring the brows in order.

From regular eye shadow shade for eyebrows usually differ in texture. They can be in the form of a powder, compact or liquid, but in any case the shadow for eyebrows almost never contain moisturizing and nutritional supplements, but rich in ingredients that give dyes of resistance. This is because the skin around the eyebrows is usually a lot of sebaceous and sweat glands, so makeup must be persistent.


What to pay attention?

тени для бровей Oriflame


Most sales can be found compact shadows for brows. Kits typically include from two to six natural shades with the brush to feather and wax to strengthen the result. Sometimes manufacturers also offer brush for combing the eyebrows, tweezers for correction, and special stencils for easy application of eyeshadow.

Best used for tinting eyebrows stiff brush, straight or oblique, with rather short hairs. So before buying it is desirable to set pay attention to this accessory.

The colors in the pallets for eyebrows usually are natural. If desired, you can always mix a few shades to get the right tone. Professional makeup artists do.

тени для бровей Essence


Often in sets include very light shade, beige, Nude or pinkish color of milk. These shadows are not for eyebrows as such, but to highlight the space under the eyebrow. This simple trick allows you to make eyes look more open and attractive, and the eyes appear larger.

The presence of wax in the kit is a big plus. This tool is used to fix the shape and color painted eyebrows. Enough drops of wax to the hairs acquired brilliance, and makeup are preserved for the long term.

Stencils included not all sets. These simple devices make it easy coloring eyebrows, allow to apply the shadows quickly and efficiently. It should ensure that the stencils were made of thick but flexible plastic. Cheap Chinese fakes are often made of very thin film, which is inconvenient to use, and which is rapidly depreciating.


Browse eyeshadow for eyebrows

тени для бровей Pupa


Perhaps the easiest set for the care of eyebrows offers the company “Oriflame”. It includes a shade two shades of wax to secure the result with the brush. Tani can be used separately or together to create a spectacular makeover, bending or stressing the eyebrow tip darker shade. Brush to blend the pigment on the skin.

The set from “Essence” is also inexpensive. The set includes shade two shades (lighter and darker), the convenience of two brushes and three stencil for eyebrows that allow you to do a makeover in a matter of minutes, not worrying about what the form may be uneven.

Set “Regard Fatal” from “Letual” includes three shades of eyeshadow, a wax, a brush for applying a cosmetic and a spiral brush for combing eyebrows. If desired, the shade of brown, red and dark gray, almost black shades can be mixed to obtain the most natural result. But the wax securely hold the makeup and keep it.

“Eyebrow Set” from Pupa – compact set, which includes two shades of shadows. The wax in the kit is not included, but the shadows themselves are of high resistance, so that the makeup lasts a long time without additional fixation. Handy brushes of different shapes (round and beveled edge for easy application of eyeshadow.

“Rive Gauche” offers a set of tools for brows, which is suitable primarily brown and blonde. Shade two shades, wax and convenient brush for applying shadows are included in this kit. To mix colors, unfortunately, impossible. For brunettes colors may seem too pale.


Choice of shades

макияж бровей с помощью тенейChoosing the shade for brows, you need to focus not only on the manufacturer, but primarily on the shade means. Eyebrows inappropriate color is one of the most common mistakes women make-up. Blondes or redheads often for some reason prefer coal brows that looks ridiculous and funny. Slightly better look bright black eyebrows and brunettes.

But with brown tones, which seemed to have a completely natural, easy to make a mistake. Reddish and bright Golden shades give the face a strange look and visually make the eyelids swollen. Warm brown tones are not suitable to girls “winter” and “summer” types with a touch of cool skin and hair. And a grayish tone to kill the charm of the girls ‘warm’ types with Golden-honey skin and chestnut and light Golden hair.

Texture is equally important. Many girls love glitter and shimmer in makeup – and this weakness is understandable, because the sparkly shades look very sexy. But shimmering and shiny eyebrows look at least strange. So for eyebrows only use matte shades. However, a special shade for eyebrows always come in matte, so if using them, the error is hardly possible.

Dmitry Anokhin

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