бикини дизайнBikini design today is incredibly diverse, and while most intimate hair removal is divided into four main types, variations of each of them depend on the skill of the technician and the imagination of the customer. In different salons basic types of hair removal can wear different names, but most often it waxing bikini or a standard hair removal, hair removal G-String, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.


Standard hair removal bikini

Standard design bikini in some salons epilation is called American hair, or hair removal bikini line. Of course, not everybody is wearing panties traditional cut, so often the standard bikini turns into an expanded version of epilation.

Standard design bikini involves the removal of hair at the top of the hip, on the inside of the thighs approximately to the border fold, where the thigh moves in large labia, in some cases, the hair is also deleted in the upper part of the pubis. Such bikini looks quite naturally and gently. If you prefer to limit removal hair only in this area, but find the remaining hair is long enough, simply cut them with trimmer. You can do this yourself or ask a specialist in hair removal, however, in the latter case, you’ll need to remove your underwear.


Advanced hair removal bikini under Thong panties

With this type of hair removal removes all of the hair that is visible when you wear a Thong. Besides zones, which captures standard hair removal, hair also deleted from the external side of the labia majora. Very often when epilation under the Thong is also adjusted crotch area between the anus and the vagina and the inner side of the buttocks. The scale of removing unwanted hair in any case depends on your wishes, and, of course, from the specialist skills. Some masters resort to the processing of the above mentioned zones only on request of clients, some are limited to a standard procedure, without so-called “deep” intervention. Before you lie down on the couch, explain in detail the master, from a number of hair and what exactly you want to get rid of.


Brazilian hair removal

This type of hair removal is most likely Brazilian, but if you meet these designations, as the French epilation, bar, California design or removal of the labia majora – under the name hides exactly Brazilian hair removal.

Variations Brazilian hair removal diverse, first of all, the difference lies in the width of a strip of hair is left on the pubis, some prefer incredibly narrow strip of a width of several hairs, other patients like more natural ways.

The hair on the surface of the labia majora when Brazilian hair removal hair still intact in very rare cases, as a rule, it is the desire of the client. As a rule, Brazilian hair removal involves hair removal wax (by the way, in all the previous cases, we use wax) across the surface of the labia majora and in the crotch area between the anus and the vagina, besides it also removes hair in megapolices the crease. Thus, your intimate area almost completely deprived of hair, except for a thin strip of pubic hair. As already mentioned, the width and the length of the paper varies depending on the client’s wishes. Some patients find hair removal in megapolices area is not very comfortable if you dislike this procedure, abandon it, that to spare you from the feeling of discomfort, but will not affect the cost of hair removal


Design “triangle”

This type of hair removal is sometimes called “Martini glass”. “Triangle” is not that other, as the next version of the Brazilian hair removal, with the only difference. Instead of the thin strip of pubic hair forms a small inverted triangle, the vertex of which rests on the hood of the clitoris.

Another fun variation Brazilian hair removal is called “stamp” or European design. Why European – is unknown, but on a postage stamp it really is like. Pubic hair forms a small vertical rectangle. This design is another funny name – “antennae Hitler”.

You can do the traditional “antennae”, placing the rectangle hair horizontally, playful nature strict triangle romantic heart, the most daring paints it in pink.


Hollywood waxing

Hollywood waxing also known as the “Sphinx”, or “full Brazilian. After Hollywood hair removal you will lose absolutely ALL the hair in the intimate area. Of course, you can stop the wizard and leave what you don’t want to set, but the traditional Hollywood design intimate zone assumes full nudity.

Often women would like to make just such epilation, but the need for full “disclosure” frightens many. You should not attach too much importance, as a rule, master epilation people skilled and surprise them with something hard. Professional master epilation engaged in their business instead of rating your anatomical features.

If you feel comfortable enough without underwear, better to take it off, so the wizard will be much easier to work and the procedure will occupy less time. For “masking” zones over which not work, you can offer a towel or napkin.

Ready bikini design can be decorated with stones or crystals, depending on fantasies and wishes of clients, masters epilation and intimate haircuts can perform work of any complexity… and often absurd. But, what can you do want the law, and, in the end, all that you do “there”, you do for yourself and the one who is sure to appreciate.

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