биоэпиляцияTo increase the demand for the service on the market today, you can resort to a simple technique is to add the prefix “bio” to the established name. She has great force of conviction that the procedure will be as safe, and no adverse effects are anticipated. In some cases it is nothing more than a deft manipulation of consumer consciousness. In other real truth. Depilation – the removal of the hair with the use of substances of natural origin. No cheating, but the features and contraindications in some of these procedures are present.


Natural products

Bioepilyatsiya – it is nothing like hair removal by waxing and sugar. They have their own well established names. Waxing called waxing (from the English. wax – wax”), sugar – seguranga (from the English. sugar – “sugar” ). And waxing and sugaring allow to deal with unwanted hair on any part of the body, for the joy of connoisseurs of natural products and services hair removal in this case without aggressive chemical ingredients that irritate the skin, and without apparatus that allows to reduce the cost of the procedure and not be afraid to get side effect characteristic of apparatus methods of hair removal.


Waxing wax depilation

Wax epilation known to mankind for a long time. There is historical evidence that points to use sticky strips of fabric for hair removal women who belonged to the ancient civilizations. Currently waxing changed, became more comfortable, wax now possible to apply as a cold, hot or warm, depending upon the area to be treated, and the individual sensitivity as to wax and temperature.

Types of wax for carrying out modern bioepilyatsii much. Beeswax is the basis for this method, but it adds a variety of nutrients, vitamins and emollient additives that make the procedure less painful, removing the risk of irritation and inflammation after it. Depending on the area of processing it is recommended to choose a wax types. For example, for the bikini area should be preferred pink wax, which treat with due care the skin and has a softening effect.


Types of waxing

Cold wax – the easiest and fastest method of bioepilyatsii. All women are familiar wax strips, which are sold in beauty shops. They first need to RUB it between his hands, warming up a bit and softening, then to disrupt the protective film, quickly stuck on processing area. Wait a few seconds and hit a sharp movement strip in the direction against the hair growth.

Epilation in warm wax involves the use of wax is heated on a water bath to a temperature of 38ºС. It is applied by trowel or ready roll thin layer on the treated area, then served paper or cloth strip, and pressed again disrupted. Hot wax is heated to a temperature of 40-42 C. Warm and hot wax allow to warm up the skin and open the pores, so that the procedure was less painful and more efficiently.

The main drawback of wax bioepilyatsii that leads away from her people to other methods are allergic to wax and ingrown hairs.


Sugaring – sugar depilation

Sugaring is based on the same method, but as the basis of its sugar, it gives an alternative to clients that mark dissatisfaction with waxing due to allergies or irritation. Unlike waxing for which the wax should buy, sugaring can be done without first going to the store. This will require water, sugar and lemon juice, which form a dense and viscous sugar paste.

For cooking pasta will take 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and the juice of half a lemon. All the ingredients are placed in enameled saucepan with a thick bottom, which is put on a very small fire. Just keep watching, right from sugar paste, because it is very fast melts, and if you miss the point, everything will go down the drain because of neoplasticeskih received composition.

Educated molten sugar syrup Golden hue need to boil, not adding to the fire, about 7-10 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Try carefully to take up sugar mass and roll into a ball out of it. If they fail, it’s all right, you did everything correctly. If you add in the composition of a lot of water or to burn through the paste on fire, syrup shugaring have to cook again.

Distribute the received sugar ball on the area where you will remove hair, good stretch it, then how in the wax epilation put the top fabric strip, hold, wait, then pick in the direction of hair growth.

Sugaring can also be done at home or go to a salon. For any kind of bioepilyatsii need to hair length was 5-6 mm If it will be less hair may not zahvatila, if your hair is very long, when you jerk they will simply come off.


Features of bioepilyatsii

Both methods of bioepilyatsii pretty painful, but the result is worth to wait a little. And wax, and sugar depilation, successfully applied in all parts of the body, including the bikini area, which is considered problematic because of the risk of ingrown hair hard. Unlike waxing sugaring not cause ingrown, because of being wrenched off in the direction of hair growth. Due to this simple step does not occur deformation of the hair follicle, which wax bioepilyatsii shifted, causing the unpleasant problems.

Irritation, redness may attend and make both the method of bioepilyatsii. Contraindications the procedures General: it is not possible to resort to this type of hair removal, if the treated area is open injuries, wounds, sores, rashes.

Bioepilyatsiya does not remove the hair once and for all, but it is believed that regular procedures, lead to thinning hair, that each time becomes shorter and inconspicuous.

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