биогель для ногтейThe development of the industry of beauty always secretly went in two ways. The first is a focus on beauty, bright and effective, which often contradicts with health. The second direction is the restoration, correction, defects, both natural and caused by the procedures of the first type. All of this applies to nail design: on the one hand, women from the soul experimenting with their nails, sacrificing their health, on the other – are trying to save them. Manufacturers of the products periodically delight consumers with new products and procedures that combine beauty and value. Biogel nail – just such a unit.


About nail extension

биогель для ногтейNail extension for the number of years of existence as a basic procedure of nail design has gained millions of fans around the world. Standard capacity is gel or acrylic, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The gel to build fans has always been a little less than acrylic due to the specificity of correction and difficulties in withdrawing. But the gel with the prefix «bio» turned the presentation of women about beauty and health of the nails, and today many salons successfully perform the build-up, correction, strengthening and modeling Biogel.

The boom in the development of international nail industry came in the eighties of the last century. Then in Vogue false nails, and in the USA began to practice gel and acrylic capacity. Biogel appeared at the same time.

Wizard who perform procedures with this material, and client who they are, must realize clearly that it is not the same material, which you are familiar gel nails. Many manufacturers tend to mislead their customers beautiful labels with attractive titles of «bio» or «eco», which hides in the best case a composition with a small presence of biologically active natural materials, in the worst – even net of nothing. What is called Biogel nail, is a patented name Bio Sculpture Gel, this composition appeared in 1988. This is not just a gel-like substance for the application of the nail plate, but a whole system of care, capacity, nail correction.


The principle of action of Biogel nail

биогель для ногтейBiogel is the main task of strengthening the native nail plate, restore her health, which jarred the continuous growth of traditional gel and acryl. Also, this material is used as запаивающий when brittleness and fragility of nails, their permanent расслаивании, mechanical damage cracking. It can make the nails additional hardness, if they are too soft.

The principal difference of capacity Biogel of procedures with other base materials not only in the composition. At laying of Biogel wizard does not damage the nail plate from the top, which is necessary for the best coupling with a gel and acryl. It is not thin, but on the contrary – only thickens during the presence of the биогелевого layer.

Biogel you can do nail but most often it is used for the sake of strengthening the nail plate and small, and not extreme elongation. Биогелевые nails cannot be broken, they look very natural and do not cause any inconvenience. The procedure for strengthening nails with Biogel replace the continued application of «smart enamel, which quickly becomes thinner and is erased. In addition, with the aid of modern Biogel you can perform on the nails beautiful colored manicure, without sacrificing their health and saving time and money for correction.

биогель для ногтейFirst Biogel was only transparent but then came color composition, and ruler of shades is constantly expanding. So Biogel, you can make a solid color, and French manicure, decorate your nails by all standards of nail art, however, master did not recommend strongly to experiment. To биогелю is best done as a healing procedure, allowing nails rest of the load, which have heavy супердлинные artificial nails. Biogel, as a rule, carry out strengthening or nail recovery, causing a thin layer of transparent varnish, modeling nail plate and its developing. In the last two may be additional details, for example, silk fabrics and other elements. Dries Biogel under the UV lamp for two to three minutes.

Undoubted advantage of application of Biogel nail is not only his incredible plasticity in the work and versatility. It is completely safe and has a very low allergenicity, thanks to strengthen nails they may even pregnant women and people suffering from allergies.

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