березовый сокBirch juice is traditionally considered to be curative. Long ago, the warriors after injury, and women after childbirth restored birch juice strength. Today natural, made from birch juice is highly valued, but one that is sold in stores, only quenches thirst.


Live juice

Birch juice contains a large amount of simple sugars glucose and fructose, they cause a surge of energy and restore power. Energy is used to maintain metabolic processes and for the synthesis of necessary substances, primarily proteins. Metabolic processes are woven contained in the birch juice, vitamins, macro – and microelements.

In addition, in the birch juice contains volatile, organic acids, enzymes and many other biologically active substances that have a positive effect on the body. But the action of these substances is very short and within a few hours after receiving birch juice it loses some of its health properties, so juice it is better to drink immediately after receipt.


Good birch SAP in the early spring

березовый сокBirch SAP is a drink that unusual, is it not as, for example, juices from fruits and vegetables. Once there was a popular joke about birch juice with pulp, but today, we all know, how is this unique drink. And the answer to the question, how to make birch SAP, is simple: you just need to collect liquid flowing from incisions in the bark of birch trees in spring. To do this, however, should be very careful not to harm the tree.

Collecting birch SAP begins in the spring, when all nature comes to life after the winter hibernation, and continues until such time as the birch trees bloom buds. During this time many people go to the forest to collect the SAP – liquid, which flows from the broken trunks and branches of birch trees.

It was at this time the juice is considered to be the most useful, as it contains biologically active substances produced by cells of the roots of the birch, which are sent up to the other parts of the tree to restore them. Interestingly, the most useful is the juice of trees growing in well-lit by the sun. The juice is collected and drink right on the gathering place, as well as prepare him kvass and do preparations for the future.

But you need to be able to collect the juice without damaging trees. It is best harvested birch juice retains its properties in a special birch tuesks – this is evidenced by the experience of many centuries of collecting birch SAP in our country. This experience shows that early spring birch trees should be treated with caution, trying not to injure.

How to collect birch SAP? The easiest way to break a tree branch and attached to the fracture plastic bag. After some time, the package will be filled with a transparent liquid with a faint aroma. Also sometimes naturlaut the bark of the birch and attach to a “wound” tree groove, through which the juice flows into prepared containers. During the day you can get from two to seven liters of juice from the tree.

To collect birch SAP is not suitable too young or old trees, the tree must be of Mature age and diameter of the trunk a few more 20 see Juice is best allocated from 12 to 18 hours. After the tree is selected, it is on the North side (this is where the juice was allocated the best) knife made a small incision, which was joined by a groove and hung tuesok from birch bark.

Of course, to collect birch SAP is necessary that the tree does not suffer. Not necessary to Express the juice of the tree is fully – it is better to collect the juice with a few birch trees, taking from each tree only a small amount of juice. Young immature trees to collect the SAP is not used, and the slits on the trunks after collecting the juice be sure to thoroughly cover with wax, garden pitch or other means to avoid the loss of trees.

Perhaps the process of collecting juice may seem complicated, but independently extracted birch elixir is much better sold in the shop drinks.

Unfortunately, the juice of industrial production often fake, offering buyers plain water with flavors, sugar and citric acid. Confidence in natural product can only give an independent collection of juice.

Sometimes the juice is obtained from the dried twigs of birch. For this dry part sprigs saw off and set on the Bank branch, which drains the juice. When collecting the juice ends, damaged seat cover with wax or just cover with moss.


Storage of birch SAP

Best of all, of course, to drink this rich in vitamins and biologically active substances drink fresh. In early spring, and until the birches first adhesive leaves juice will bring the body to the maximum benefit. In a cool place fresh juice will not deteriorate within two days. However, sometimes drink so much that before the collector raises the question of how to store juice, so it has retained its useful properties.

The most popular and healthy, keeping all of the benefits of the drink, recipe birch juice frozen juice.

At any time drink can be defrosted and enjoy healthy and tasty juice. Optionally, you can freeze the juice of the birch in small molds for ice: these icicles are suitable for any drinks.

Preservation of birch SAP allows you to save the favorite taste of spring for a long time. To do this, the juice is heated to a temperature of 80 degrees and poured into a clean banks, and then pasteurized. Sometimes juice are harvested is not in its natural form, and add to it fresh needles, berries, herbs (mint, tarragon, lemon balm, St. John’s wort), fruit juices.

Another popular way to keep the birch – cook from it brew or wine. Kvass receive, adding to the heated juice yeast, raisins and lemon zest, and then sbragia drink for several days. Wine from birch SAP is cooked longer: the juice is boiled, mixed with yeast, lemons and sugar, then leave to ferment for a month.

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