исправление прикусаThe correction of bite is simple enough, but the main is available even in situations that seem hopeless. Contrary to popular belief, correct bite is possible not only in childhood, but in any age. Disclaimer correction older people is caused not so much an impossibility as the reluctance to spoil the appearance of your smile metal units. The treatment is long term and requires some sacrifices. But all this is only a temporary inconvenience, which can be put up to the rest of his life to smile without a trace of embarrassment in all thirty-two teeth.

Defects of bite are different, as a minor, and really ugly appearance. There are people who are so sure of themselves that they do not require any proofreaders bite. They are ready to take their teeth as they built their nature and do not want to make any effort to correct the situation. But in most cases, a beautiful smile is not a whim, but a vital necessity. Presentable appearance, which is required in many professional fields, is impossible without the beautiful white smile with straight teeth. Output – to correct the bite in the way that is most suitable for prices and complexity of the correction.


Braces – old plates

Braces (from English bracket – “bracket”) are the most simple, widely available, but the most long way bite. The definition of “cheap and cheerful” to them is not quite suitable, because the quality of the bracket system, installed on both jaws, not exactly cheap. But the result is worth it, because classic braces able to cope even with the most severe defects of the bite.

Braces are as follows: a thin metal wire “runs” along the entire length of the dentition, in the very teeth noticeable pouches – ligatures that are attached to them and connect to each other brackets. Braces have on the teeth a little pressure, and over time curved teeth are aligned on the same line without a hint of old defect.

To put braces already’t mean to spoil your smile for a period from six months to three years (that is how much time was needed to correct the bite). With their help it is possible to demonstrate his unconventional style, by selecting, for example, sapphire brackets. If you do not want to draw attention to the process of correction, there is a possibility to choose between plastic and ceramic, which are less visible, or to stop on lingual, which is invisible at all. Lingual braces are installed on the inner side of the teeth, and this is a definite plus. But, unfortunately, not all types of defects bite can be corrected using lingual system. Plastic braces less durable than metal, and ceramic certainly good, but the cost may be two to three times higher. There is a self-ligating braces that do not contain ligatures (the most connective knots on teeth). They look more aesthetic than traditional, with teeth is easier to care for, but they are more expensive.


Capa – transparent correction

If the bracket system is installed orthodontist for the whole period of bite correction, correction by Capa is a more comfortable option. Capa is detachable design, moreover, made of transparent polymeric material. With Capa patient does not attract attention to their teeth at night he may withdraw it, and in the morning put on again. Unlike braces, Capa shown to people with minor defects, and in more complicated cases it is better to correct the bite braces. Kapu are up to the year when the bite is corrected, the doctor makes an impression of the teeth and manufactures new Kapu taking into account the improvement of the bite.


Surgery for complicated cases

Surgery is a radical way of bite correction. In some cases, even the brackets are powerless to correct the bite, and then you need to decide on the surgical method. In this case it is not so much about the correction of the position of teeth, how about working with the jaw bones, which can be deformed due to congenital pathologies or injuries. The operation is performed under General anesthesia, the duration depends on the complexity of surgical manipulations. After the operation you will need rehabilitation period from 2 weeks to a month, after which sometimes requires aesthetic correction using braces to consolidate the results.

Surgical correction of bite is a complex operation, so there are contraindications. Among them are: cancer, diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland, blood diseases, HIV infection, severe diseases of the respiratory system, such as tuberculosis.

To correct or not to correct the bite is a matter of choice. But do not forget that it is a question not always aesthetics, but also their health and wellbeing. Malocclusion may not be the only stumbling block when applying for a new job, but also cause breathing difficulties, speech defects, problems with chewing of food, and thus digestion. Needless to resist correction? In no case.

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