черные точки на носуNot even looking at the person, you can often notice that his nose is literally dotted with black spots. Especially it is noticeable, if the pores on nose extended, which reinforces the negative effect. Unfortunately, the black dots on the nose, is more than common, moreover, is normal. To fight them is possible and necessary, but it will require regular and constant application of cosmetics and hygienic requirements.

The black dot on the nose always looks bigger than, for example, chin or forehead. The skin on the nose is very tight, and if enlarged pores, they always look vast and deep. Causes blackheads on the nose exactly the same as when their education in another zone. This area of the face is prone to salootdelenie, in addition, nose we often involuntarily touched by the hands, and all this leads to the pollution and clogging of the sebaceous tubes, which are oxidized in the air, turning heads in black color that strongly evident.

To clear the nose from blackheads, you can, but if blackheads is not the major skin problem, and in the presence of acne, get rid of blackheads on the nose is best left to a professional, not to spread the infection in the face.

In addition, during adolescence in the case of running acne, rough, or Vice versa, hypersensitive skin, should consult a beautician.


Professional cleaning of nose blackheads

Cosmetologist for squeezing blackheads on the nose has special tools. Most often it is a metal spoon with a hole inside – spoon UNO. Clogged pore is in the hole, after pressure from a spoon comedo is opened. The doctor does it in sterile conditions and cleanses the pores that are inaccessible and difficult to do with self-destruction. Themselves cosmetologists recommend removing blackheads on the nose abrasive scrubs. Even if the pores are cleansed, such manipulation expand them even more, and the problem then only get worse.


Cleaning the nose with the help of strips and patches

Removing blackheads on the nose with the help of adhesive patches, strips or patches is a modern alternative to cosmetic cleansing and self-abrasive peeling scrubs. They are easy to use, you need only remove the protective sheet and attach to your nose, leaving for a few minutes for instructions. Some patches have steaming effect, others contain coal, which pulls blackheads, others contain acids that dissolve black points and cleanse the pores. These adhesive strips have a big advantage over skrabirovanie, because unlike him, while applying the patch skin is not damaged, the pores are not expanded.


Cosmetic masks and peelings

To remove the black points on the nose with the help of finished cosmetic products is possible only after preliminary steaming the skin. Not necessary to keep a person over boiling water, you can make the procedure after taking a bath or shower. Choose what suits you: scrub, creamy mask-peeling, mask film or a clay mask.

Well established among men and women peeling mask Leonie, which removes the excess skin fats, making the skin nice matte, narrowing of pores and removing the blackheads. Note Korean manufacturer – brand Pig Nose, which produces decent range of cosmetics against comedones, including on the nose. In Marche Holika Holika is effective hot scrub, is designed to cleanse the pores on nose. Brand Soap&Glory produces scrub nose, which eliminates black glasses, tightens pores and prevents the appearance of acne that is commonplace for nose contaminated by then.

Proven efficacy has Chinese mask Black Head Ex Pore Strip, which is applied in black mass on the skin, then freezes and removed together with comedones. Japanese brand of elite cosmetics Shiseido releases like her black mask, which is half an hour stay on the skin is removed with all the black dots. Korean brand The Face Shop produces a mask Blackhead Ex Nose Clay Mask especially for the nose. It has a thick, sticky consistency, which is well pulls blackheads, cleansing the pores of the nose. Peel-off mask The Face Shop Volcanic Clay cleans the pores of the nose due to the content of volcanic clay, which has excellent absorbing properties.

If the pores on nose deep and very cluttered, do not try to clean them yourself.

Refer to the beautician mechanical cleaning, and then try to keep the skin clean, periodically using the patches or masks. If the pores of the nose is not extended and not very deep, regularly, but careful cleaning, steaming out the skin. Use masks and lotions containing acid, solvent comedones, preferring their aggressive cosmetic peeling with abrasive particles.

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