черные точкиBlack dots may appear in any person, but some manage to keep the skin clean and fresh, while others continually steam out the person removing the “blockages” scrubs. From what appear black dots why they dot not only the face and body, and why is it so hard to get rid of them? This is not rhetorical questions, as black dots are not ancestral curse and just a cosmetic problem.


The cause of black dots

The sebaceous glands produce sebum, which provides elasticity to the skin and protects against aggressive environment. It should be regularly removed by washing, allowing the skin to breathe normally. If the basic skin care is insufficient or incorrect, the sebaceous glands are working strenuously and timely purification does not occur in the pores are formed tube. First, they violate the skin breathing, causing the formation of acne, red knots, secondly, they look black due to oxidation grease caps in the air.

Happens and so, that the person complies with all hygienic requirements, is lotions, tonics, masks and scrubs, but still does not understand how to deal with black dots who do not want to quickly disappear or reappear. The reason may be aggressive hygiene: skin, dried scrubs and alcohol compounds accepted strenuously defend, the sebaceous glands are working in the mode of increased activity, so as to protect the surface of the skin fatty film.

The conclusion is simple – all necessary moderation and reasonable approach.


Treatment of blackheads – professional approach

Removing blackheads steaming hard peeling procedure is available, but traumatic and not always effective. If you really want to get clear skin, try to apply the approach, characteristic of professional cosmetologists and dermatologists.

Squeezing blackheads is a necessary process of purification of the skin, but the best of the best to be armed with special devices. The main tool to remove blackheads, which are beauticians – spoon UNO with one or two working surfaces with one or more holes. Any destruction of black dots begins with preparation of the skin, that is, with a light steaming. Hands should be clean, it is better to do the procedure in gloves.

How to remove black spots with the help of such tools? Spoon need to click on the skin, allowing comedone out of the pores in the hole. This is preferable to do just magnifying mirror.

Black dot under the skin is formed due to the closing dirty pores. To cope with them a bit more complicated, you will need a good decoupling for opening the pores. For elimination of such defects can help salicylic acid, from blackheads, it eliminates the pores by their dissolution. Black dots on the cheeks, nose, chin remove mechanically or chemically dissolve quite simply, what can be said about other zones.

Black points on the body is a common problem for owners of oily skin, especially in summer, when sweating increases.

Black spots on breast occur nearly as often as on the face, because the skin in these areas is very similar by its density and activity of the sebaceous glands. Black dots on the back, especially in its upper part is also the problem of hygienic character, which is exacerbated in hot weather or when wearing tight or very warm clothes. How to remove black dots in these places? Time should be quality steam in the bath or shower, then use moderately hard sponge or glove with shower gel or soap with exfoliating effect. To prevent wear clothes made of natural fabrics, if perspiring profusely, at the earliest opportunity, take a shower, to clean the skin.

Black dots on hand usually does not appear, because this zone is poor sebaceous glands, but the nail plate sometimes can be covered suspicious spots. Black dots under nails doctors explain the deficit of vitamins and minerals, autoimmune lesion of organism or fungal infection. In any case should turn to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.


Black dots after shave

Shaving hair can cause such unpleasant side effects as ingrowth. In addition to the pain and irritation of the skin it looks very unattractive. Black dots after epilation is nothing like ingrown hairs, remaining under the skin. So interpreted black points on the feet, where the hair is rather hard and the skin smooth. To avoid this phenomenon, after shave need to spend easy peeling of the skin and use the lotions from incarceration.


How to treat black dots without side effects

To achieve a beautiful clear skin can no victims in the form of an extension then, and irritation from mechanical extrusion. How to remove black spots, if your skin is hypersensitive and not tolerate aggressive intervention? Modern solution strips and patches which are pasted on the problem area, after some time, acting, ocuparea pores. So good removed black spots on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Strips and patches have proven effective, can be applied locally and without restrictions.

To prevent the emergence of black spots should carefully choose not only caring, and decorative cosmetics. Pay attention to means for skin marked “comedogene”, use the means for narrowing of pores. This will prevent clogging, keeping the skin clean and fresh.

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