черный лак для ногтейThe countdown begins before Halloween, and if you are not one of those girls who prefer to celebrate it without a costume, you can feel the whole horror of the event, using black nail Polish. If you have any angsty teenage memories, driving them away: last views of the dark varnishes are playing with the intensity of the color, trim and gloss to create nail art more exquisite than ready.

Check out the best black nail Polish.


Essie Nail Polish Licorice

черный лак Essie Nail Polish Licorice


The original and still the best. Licorice is a true black lacquer with a thick formula that lays down nicely and dries to form a glossy coating. Becomes opaque after two quick-drying coats. You will love this color because it never stains and does not discolor the nails, even if you (accidentally) forgot to apply a base coat.


JinSOON Nocturne Nail Polish

современный черный лак для ногтей JinSOON Nail Polish Nocturne


Nocturne is the most exquisite dark shade for nails, on the edge of a deep charcoal grey and black. It’s shimmering and beautiful, like a dark mirror. Its greatest advantage? This non-transparent varnish applied in a single layer and, unusually for nail Polish with metallic Shine, like this one, it is applied without any problems.


Butter London The Black Knight

лучший черный лак для ногтей Butter London The Black Knight

Butter London

If you want a bit of Shine in the dark, Black Knight for you. With pink, blue and gold microplasma in pure black lacquer, this unique shade can be fun and adults at the same time. Rare to Shine, it is also very easy to remove with nail – on to talk about the merits.


NARS Nail Polish Black Fire

черный блеск для ногтей NARS Nail Polish Black Fire


Blue-black-grey microblock with more than obvious shimmer, the name Black Fire speaks for itself, and even more. The varnish is beautifully shining, but in an elegant manner –this shade can definitely be worn to the office. It is a single layer of opaque lacquer, but it takes on an extra dimension after applying two layers, and you may need two coats of top coat to ensure a completely smooth surface.


Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel Of Black Jack

черная эмаль для ногтей Revlon Black Jack


Problem the usual black nail Polish is that they are too thin, too long to dry, they flake and discolor the nails. Black Jack it is possible to avoid each of these pitfalls: he has a pretty thick formula that is applied evenly, dries quickly and does not damage the nail. In addition, the Polish lasts a whole seven days without damage. Exactly what you need for fun.

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