черные колготки с рисункомTights been transformed from a purely functional element of the wardrobe in bright style-forming detail, which determines the perception of the image as a whole. Black tights with a pattern, wearing a modest dress will attract attention no worse than a bright outfit. But to combine these tights with clothes must be very careful to look stylish and attractive but not vulgar.


Changeable fashion

рисунок на черных колготкахUntil a few decades ago black tights were not considered to be a versatile accessory. Women are preferred in everyday life, bodily stockings, and black was worn only to certain types of clothing, and then forever. But in the twenty-first century fashion has changed drastically. Many designers body stockings were declared “outlaws”. In their place came the black tights, definitely matte and in most cases tight.

Women enthusiastically took up the idea. Black opaque stockings perfectly hide all the imperfections of the legs, and in addition, visually slimming. Their only drawback is they sometimes seem too dark and too boring. But for such cases there black tights with a pattern.

Drawings can be very different – from classic stripes and diamonds to frivolous hearts, flowers and even cats. These tights are not just the feet warm, but also serve as the main style-forming element, help to Express individuality and give the image some “flavor”.


What to wear with patterned tights

принт на черных колготкахPrint tights can look touching, tender, sexy, defiant, defiantly. But if they fail to combine with clothes, these tights will likely be to look vulgar and tasteless. Therefore, the image needs to consider carefully.

First of all, you need to follow a simple rule: wichurae and brighter tights, those should be more modest outfit. It is best if the color of the clothes will match one of the colors of pantyhose. Good looking kits, in which the pattern of the tights echoes the pattern of some other accessory.

Tights with a large picture should be combined with short dresses and skirts or long tunics. The small figure is more like for MIDI skirts. Fishnet tights or with large mesh print never wear short skirts – only with clothes below the knee.

Contrary to popular belief, today black print tights can be worn even in the office. Sure, it is better to choose some not too contrasting and conspicuous print, the best geometric. Bullseye polka dot, caustic visible stripe or mesh pattern will be the perfect companion to a business suit. The emphasis on pantyhose in the clothing business will be completely inappropriate, and this should be considered when choosing accessory. A whimsical floral ornaments and fine imitation of lace are better left for a romantic date – they perfectly complement the simple, no embellished dress in tone. Large, dramatic patterns on the tights complement the outfit for the party.


Suitable shoes

узор на черных колготкахAs for shoes, black tights with a pattern, it is desirable to only wear black shoes, ankle boots or boots, even if in the picture there are different shades. It visually lengthens the leg and gives the image of completeness. A special style along will give a repetition of the same pattern on the tights and shoes.

The tights with imitation back seam wear shoes on high thin heels. The style of the shoes should be highly feminine. Tights with playful drawings will also go well with the shoes. But it is better to pick them less smart shoes – for example, for a more sustainable chunky heel. This will make the image of a frivolous, a little careless and modern.

But to completely abandon the heel still is not recommended: the combination of patterned tights with ballet flats is only a very slender and long-legged. However, a lover of the experiments can try the combination of tights with a medium-sized shirt and rough boots or even sneakers. Print tights always look better with shoes and boots with heels. You can combine them with high boots, but in this case, you need to carefully select the height of the shoes and the skirt length that the image could look good.


Unwanted effects

рисунок на колготках черного цветаThe advertising pictures black print tights always look great. But what is great leggy models, not always as looks attractive on ordinary women. Incorrectly selected, the picture may visually distort the lines of the legs make the legs visually thicker or shorter, or just to draw attention to the shortcomings.

This applies even to the drawings, which is deemed as slim – for example, to the vertical strips. If the legs are tight and with rippling muscles, these strips can be bent in a most peculiar way. As a result of possible unwanted effect: the legs seem to be curved, and not visually lengthen, as they were intended. Also can distort the shape of the legs of any large prints.

Girls with short legs it is necessary to abandon any of the horizontal elements on the tights – whether it be stripes or horizontal patterns. Not recommended for horizontal motives of the owners and full legs. Feet are also not suitable checkered print. Much better will look fuzzy vertical stripes, imitation back seam, small ornament, located vertically on the outer side of legs, very small elongated rhombs. But best of all, if the legs are not perfect, to opt out of such risky accessories, like tights with a pattern.

Often the patterns on the tights from a distance can be perceived quite differently, as required. First of all, it relates to transparent black tights with dark pattern, which from a distance may look like dirt stains. And fashionable lace (guipure) tights may resemble dilated veins on the legs. Therefore, during the fitting should stand as far away from the mirror, to see how his feet in the new pantyhose look in the distance.

Dmitry Anokhin

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