синий цвет в мужском гардеробеBlue color is very attractive for clothes, it also blends well with many colors and has many shades. Very often used the blue color in the men’s wardrobe, it’s kind of a sign of masculinity. And yet, there are a number of mistakes that it is better not to commit. Blue color has multiple faces.


Bright blue, turquoise or electric blue

In addition to these three strong colours you need to choose something more neutral. For example, you can stay in the light blue shirt, red or crimson pants and dark grey shoes. Dark blue color will blend perfectly with red, green, beige or brown trousers. Shirt turquoise or electric blue can be supplemented trousers chinos camel color and brown shoes (you can even pick up a belt to match the shoes).

Will only pick up the rest of the wardrobe, for example, light gray blazer or leather jacket dark brown. You must adhere to neutral tones or pick up a thing darker tone towards any one thing your appearance.



As for the bottom of the wardrobe, it is necessary to combine blue bottom with top in pastel, more neutral colors. The best option would be white and gray colors. You can add a bright touch via accessories. For example, Chino pants bright blue color, shoes and belt light brown color will be a good start. Add turquoise socks and a long lightweight scarf; a white shirt and light grey sweater with round collar. Light blue jeans can be supplemented shirt slim, belt and shoes black. As an experiment you can try Burgundy or green Richelieu. A black trench coat or dark grey suit jacket and the result is obvious.

The color blue is one of those rare colors that can be used for General appearance. Now, to explain: try to get dressed fully in clothes of red, yellow and green colors, you will not go unnoticed. With blue a completely different story. For example, the bad variant – dark blue suit, plain light blue or in a small cage shirt, dark blue tie and the same tone shoes. The belt in this case you can pick up a black or dark grey. Elegant, elegant and stylish.

For a more casual style, you can opt for pants electric blue chinos and a light blue denim shirt, blue and white the sneakers and white belt. Complete the image of a dark blue denim jacket.

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