румянаThe color range of modern blush is endless, from the soft, pale pink, to saturated terracotta tones, with a lot of shades of peach, bronze or coral. With such a broad variety of shades, most often, blush produced either in the form of a crumbly powder either in the form of liquid consistence.

And liquid and friable blush contain carrier substance, that is, the substance which shows the color. Most often acts as tal in powder румянах and silicone, water or other humidifying components in liquid formulas blush. Regardless of consistency in the composition of Rouge includes pigments and preservatives.

The main function of Rouge – giving the skin a certain shade, with this purpose, many formulas contain two types of pigments in the greater degree it is typical for powder and cream blush, to a lesser – for toning. First pigment – provides new hue, and the second masks the natural skin tone. Components such as mica and titanium dioxide negate natural skin tone, allowing a cosmetic shade better manifest, and the maximum match the color of the powder in a package. In addition, in the most blush includes color enhancers, matting components, binders and лиофилизирующие substances.


Powder blush

румянаAs a rule, powder blush available in compressed form in lines mineral cosmetics are often found blush a crumbly consistency. The main ingredients пудовых blush are talc, pigments and sinks fat binders in these formulas are used to connect all the components into a coherent whole.

Powder blush applied properly look very natural, well shade, perfectly матируют skin and are easily applied. With powdery blush you in a lesser degree of risk to overdo it with saturation coverage.

Minus powder forms is their durability, they are less stable than liquid blush, and absorbing fat, which allocates our skin, powder blush can change color.

Powder blush ideal for easy natural makeup for normal skin (not too dry and not too fat).


Liquid blush

румянаLiquid blush it and cream blush, and the gel and tonal formula, the only difference between these two types is in the substance-carrier containing pigment. Cream консистенциях as are moisturizing agents or silicone, in tonal products this role is performed by water. Cream blush produced in a small jar or sticks, and the gel and tone – in tubes or bottles, consistency of such funds varies from medium density to very liquid formulas.

Liquid blush after application to stay longer than powder, and largely correspond to the color you see in the package.

On the other hand liquid blush harder to apply and when applied, they look less natural. Tint blush pretty bad shade, so they need to be applied very gradually and gently.

Creamy consistency blush best suitable for women with dry skin, it contains moisturizing ingredients provide additional skin care and moisturizing. Gel and temporary blush ( тинты) suitable for women with more oily skin, the water framework allows such румянам last longer that the high fat content of the skin is very important. If you want to achieve a combination of natural powder blush, but prefer liquid consistency, try a tint of funds or тинты. The amount of pigment in тинтах lower than in cream румянах that when applied to the skin to allow a soft and natural. But here, the minutes, the color scheme тинтов not as wide as a palette powder or cream blush.


How to choose a suitable tone blush

The perfect shade of blush most similar to the natural skin tone. There are several ways to determine the most suitable color blush.

  • Bend down, touch the hands, feet, hold this for a couple of minutes, then выпрямитесь. After that traffic on your cheeks appears natural glow, and it is this shade will fit an ideal decorative shade of blush.
  • Please note what color your skin acquires, when you come in from the street in cold weather or look at yourself in the mirror after an intense workout in the gym. See this color? And now look the same shade on the shelves of cosmetic stores.
  • Blush you can also pick up matching lipstick. If you prefer pinkish shades, pick-Rouge Rouge in tone.
  • If the clothes do you prefer cool shades, green, blue, lavender, if you fit and shades of blush, plum, wine shade, pastel pink, blue-red, terracotta, peach or pink.
  • If your face clothing in orange, pink, red, apricot, olive and other warm colours, it is the best fit blush coral, bronze, brown and warm red hues.
  • The darker the skin, the stronger must be the shade, light-skinned girls is well-suited to light pinkish shades.


How to apply blush

Smile and you will notice the most protruding part of the cheeks, the so-called «apples». From this point you should apply blush. Take a little bit of blush on the brush, the surplus of carefully shake the box, do not blow on the brush to the bacteria were not to blush, and then on your skin. Brush in boxes with compact blush, usually very small and uncomfortable, so don’t stingy on a good brush. A thin layer of Rouge apply to «apples» cheeks and carefully blend towards the hairline. Do not apply and blend blush too close to the wings of the nose, the smear should be placed below the nostrils and continue to the hairline at the temples.

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