In our country the first attempts of body art have tried to do Mitki, they inflicted fatty layer of makeup on body girls, and then put it on canvas paper and received the imprint. These paintings were executed in frames and called this action “Geography”.

Than sketched body previously unknown, but in our time, using a special make-up. Because of the high prices, it is often replaced using acrylic paint. Some even come up with your own unique compositions, for example, on the basis of gouaches with the addition of shampoo for softness and ease of washing.

Artists draw on models whatever they want. One even “wore” on the model of the dress. They put on their model of the zip-fastener, and then everything was coated with acrylic paint, and then when it is dry, defiantly shot freshly baked dress. Very beautiful and unusual it turned out himself what he had done, and took off.

In the West in General, artists are compositions, landscapes of the living. First, on the body of their wards put pictures of water, earth, plants, etc. Then, lay out, build their models in the pyramid, and make their original landscapes. So, by the way, are their unique festivals on unusual art body art.

Now, by the way in Odessa, also held annually, this traditional festival. At one of these festivals was somehow fixed the huge retina world. During the day we painted a huge number of people-canvases, then, they lined up holding hands across the Deribasovskaya street.

By the way, I want to note, if you decide to draw something on yourself or on your partner. Do not use for this marker. These artists do not welcome the use of markers, as the figures thus obtained coarse and besides, they are not easy to wash off, and this is highly discouraged in body art. Well, what do you draw? just unleash your imagination and draw what comes into my head.

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