масло для телаKeep skin soft and hydrated – not an easy task, especially in today’s environment and a busy and stress lifestyle. To solve this problem, the beauty industry offers a lot of means and flavored body oils. Body oil can give your skin not only hydration, but it will make it smooth, fresh and radiant.

Quality body oil – real luxury that is affordable for those who care about health and beauty of your skin.


Why you need to apply body oils

Many women bypass oil for body party, considering them not too convenient to use. Actually it is not so. Incorporating fragrant oil for body in a programme of regular skin care, you will very soon notice positive changes in her appearance. Don’t be afraid of grease stains on clothing, do not think that the oil from the skin will become oily and there will appear a pimples, try it and see for yourself how it is easy and pleasant.

Modern body oils are absolutely different from the heavy and rather oily substances, which in the past were sold under the label “body Butter”. Of new generation oils do not clog pores, perfectly absorbed and leaves on the body a subtle, airy fragrance.

Body butter – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals that can give your skin that is called from head to toe. Oil is much busier than usual day cream for the face, a couple of drops of oil is enough in an instant, soften, refresh and soothe irritated skin. And dry elbows and knees? – and here come to the aid of body oil. Surprisingly, even the owners of oily skin can use oils without fear of aggravating the problems of their skin, the main thing is to choose the “right” oil, and, fortunately, there are plenty to choose.


How to choose body oil

как выбрать масло для телаChoosing an oil for the body, pay attention to the list of constituent ingredients, ideally this list should not be too long and complex. The first ingredient should be indicated to the oil, e.g. jojoba oil or grape seed oil, but not alcohol. The less oil in the artificial components, the better. Choose pleasant to your taste, the smells, the smell of oil remains on the skin longer than the scent of milk or cream for the body, and should be aware of this.

Oil, apply to body after bath or shower while skin is still damp. So the nutrients penetrate deeper into the pores of the skin and will bring the maximum benefit. Body butter perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, but also acts as a protective barrier during adverse weather conditions.

Body oils have a higher concentration than lotions or creams, so for efficient skin hydration a tiny amount of oil. For the face is enough for a couple drops, if you apply oil on the body, it depends on your size. In any case, pour some oil in your palm and RUB it evenly on the skin, if necessary, add more.

Body butter is a great moisturizer, light fragrance oil can replace unobtrusive perfume. The smell that leaves the skin with oil, not “hit in the nose”, it refreshes and stays with you throughout the day, or even longer. For those who like to experiment with flavors, experts recommend mixing a few oils or added to the finished oil a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Cosmetic body oil – a real salvation for dry and dehydrated skin in cold and windy days. No body lotion will not give you such a luxurious hydration, smoothness and radiance, as good oil.

Most cosmetic oils for body enriched with combinations of essential oils, providing the therapeutic effect of one kind or another. These additional components, penetrating into skin cells, relax, energize or detoxify the effect depends on what exactly essential oils are part of this tool.

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