Short fitted jacket, part of the Spanish national men’s suit, made a bold step in a woman’s wardrobe. And took his ladies with a Bang!

Ah, Spain, what men…

Bolero, Bolero… Toreadors and minstrels, artists and other Spaniards shegelski emphasized the muscular torso black and colored neatly embroidered sleeveless jackets. And when the dancer manufactured passionate PA, twitching his shoulders in such attire, the girls were breathtaking – well good!

And I short acetic!

Modern designers (Chanel, Gucci, Pollini) very much Bolero, calling so short (just below the chest) jacket or vest. And not casually – elegant finish for a stylish look, to give the charm along Bolero can. However, now fashionable jacketyou in honor sleeves of various lengths, width and style.

Risk and combine

Bolero is the perfect complement to a dressy dress, but at the same time, it goes well with sports and casual clothing. Be careful only with textures: lace Bolero with jeans or aladdine will look at least a little strange, but acetic of denim or leather biker will add charm evening dress. Try and choose what to wear with Bolero: spectacular or sports shoes, belts and belts, sunglasses or fashion sunglasses, jewelry and hats.

Be careful

To Bolero categorically does not fit tight and bulky sweaters and jumpers, classic blouses (not to be confused with “male” white shirts that are just perfect in this case!). It is unlikely you will also wear this fashion acetic with rubber boots or, on the contrary, fuss – and they will be right. Handbags – on your taste, but certainly not too large and not openly marching and Luggage. Well, the accessories can be worn any, but too flashy and large (necklace, earrings, pendants), as Bolero and of itself is a vivid detail of your outfit.

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