таблетки «Бомба» для сжигания жира

Pills “Bomb” appeared relatively recently and very quickly became wildly popular. Why, because if you believe the manufacturer, the Chinese company “Tsinlien”, this drug is a godsend for fans to get “all at once and not very desolate”. These capsules are expected plumb for the month may be on the order of 10-15 kg

There are reports that the drug is created Chinese pharmacists, but approved by the American developments. Now only did American scientists something about “their” revolutionary advances in weight reduction? In our country, “Bomb” medicine is not recognized, a product marketed as a dietary Supplement, which is not subject to strict compliance stated in the abstract, and therefore, can be quite unpredictable.

The taste and color all the “Bombs” different

Actually, slimming pills “Bomb” presents not one, but several, which are sharply different color, to a small extent by the composition, but the way the effects are almost identical. Often among the components of supersites fat are declared the following substances:

  • BaserNuts fruit bash, the source substance rimonabant;
  • L-Carnitine stimulates metabolism during exercise;
  • FructusCanarli – helps burn fat;
  • Water or water plantain – has a diuretic effect;
  • Capsaicin (an extract of pepper) is a powerful fat burner and accelerator metabolism;
  • Vitamins E and C.

Looks very natural (only herbs, plant extracts, useful vitamins) and it is harmless. Weight loss will occur due to the excretion of excess fluid and active stimulation of metabolism. Only l-carnitine is present in the composition, shows all its useful ability only if there is physical activity, which means that you will have to do at least morning exercises. Color Bombs, which are designed to “blow up” in the shortest time fat deposits that have accumulated, most likely, more than one year, are:

“Red Bomb”is the most popular option. Capsules in the amount of 30 pieces placed in a box of the same color with white characters. For the month guarantee fat, it is problematic areas.

“Green Bomb” is also in the box of the corresponding color, but in a carton. Has a milder effect and is recommended for weight reduction even in adolescents. In addition to obesity, will save the entire family from constipation.

“Bomb 3 series” is superdigital fat. On the packaging stated that it was based on a highenergy genes, active and intended for fat burning. Apparently, the developers are not allowed to sleep laurels producers of genetically modified products.

“Golden Bomb” ShouShen is designed for those who are not helped any previous Bombs, no other ways. The most interesting thing is that according to the manufacturers or distributors, it is developed using nanotechnology concern Seiko (Japanese company that manufactures watches). How time masters will help you lose weight, and you know yourself about this is unknown.

Instructions for weight loss with pill “Bomb”

According to the instructions for use, recommends that you drink one capsule means a day in the morning with a glass of water. Diet and exercise are not mandatory. The only requirement is that complete abstinence from alcohol, which will neutralize the effect of taking bad. And any restrictions on food really is not needed, because the drug beats appetite completely. And it’s in the mysterious fruit of bash and its derived rimonabant.

This substance has an anorectic effect, but also has a negative impact on the Central nervous system, due to which its use was banned in 2009 because of the numerous side effects in the form of depression, disorders of the nervous system, suicide attempts. All these unpleasant things often happen to those who are undergoing tablets “Bomb” for weight loss. You can also hallucinations, headache, weakness, dryness and odor in the mouth. By the way, similar symptoms have not less controversially popular Thai drugs for weight loss. The list of contraindications of supersites fat fairly modest:

  • individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • prior heart attacks and strokes;
  • hypertension;
  • age under 16 years of age and older than 65.

Where to buy and at what price?

The drug for sale in pharmacies-Smoking. But ordered a “Bomb” on the Internet – no problem at all. Many sites strongly suggest to buy natural Chinese superdigital fat with home delivery or mail. Is the pleasure of 1-1,5 thousand rubles for packaging needed for the monthly rate. Quite accessible and easy, and the amount of this for yourself you can find. But think how much more expensive will cost treatment crippled nervous system and anorexia, which may develop as a result of the refusal of nourishment because “eat not want”?


Kseniya, 29 years. Learned about “the Bomb” from a neighbor, it’s great on these tablets to lose weight. Of course, I also bought. Took in the morning on an empty stomach one capsule. On the third day was dry mouth, and then an unpleasant smell. Had to constantly chew gum. Lost 6 pounds in a month, then nothing. Then he tried two more times, bought and red, and green. Red is stronger in action, her head was spinning, and the internal tremor was. Dropped another 3 kg and all. But the overall impression is good. Was afraid that it would be worse.

Kira, 32 years. Long struggle with excess weight. Tried everything, and got to the “Bomb”. Ordered the red, how to take I read on the Internet, in a box with instructions for some reason was not. The first 3 days I was wild Jordan, and then came the depression. So covered, what about suicide really thought – say, willpower, and now for sure, nothing will save you. My husband swore terribly, constantly heard any extraneous sounds in the apartment. Even lost 7 kg then no joy. Yes, and the lost weight back in 3 months. More experiments do not want.


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