ботфорты шпилькаFrom the fashionable and desirable to vulgar and inappropriate one step. Sometimes this step is performed in the covert heels, Shoe that has a lot of fans, but nevertheless related to fashion on the brink of a foul. Boots heels can be perfectly adapted to your daily image, but it should be done with great sensitivity is too big a risk, «pierce» and overcome the dangerous line of the permitting style.

How would stylists abused this shoes, boots heels always were, are and will be popular. Especially in Russia, where women have a weakness for clothes and accessories, enhancing their sexuality. In this footwear merged at least two features: thin stud that always increases the degree of femininity in style, and the shaft height, which, when it comes to knee and passes it to increasing attention to the image.

Whether you want to combine two such vivid detail in one of shoes is an open question for the followers of the restrained style. Self-confident women, more precisely, mostly young girls, who strive hard to attract other people’s views to his feet, buy boots with stiletto heels and did not hesitate to wear them every day.


In search of a secure way

Can I do boots heels more calm accessory, not to cause suspicion about his moral character and fashionable image? Of course, you can and should. The problem of those girls that look in such shoes defiantly, often that they, first, are not able to adequately assess the strength and weakness of these boots, and secondly, they may not get the alternative models that are able to Supplement everyday way without risk to reputation.

What boots heels better not to buy it or as to whom they should not be worn?

Expressly abandon botfort heels should be women whose legs to shape or completeness is still far from ideal. Disadvantages will be underlined, and a very aggressive way. Even if the model does not imply severe wrapping type latex, still polnostyu feet or ugly shape of the boots is underlined, clearly demonstrating it to others.

You should not take these boots at full calf, because stud leg lifts, and this zone legs becomes visually even more massive. Heavy hips suffer in the neighborhood with such boots, especially those which end above the knee and then «cut» leg in a wide place, and exacerbating the unaesthetic effect.

The most dangerous for style boots from patent leather, closely adjacent to the foot, very high and extremely high heels. Such models look good except on the podium during the demonstration of fashionable trends. So to make the image of these boots acceptable and adaptable to try to neutralize the visual perception, which produces the one or another feature of botfort heels.


The right solution for a good style

A very good alternative to the aggressive patent skin will suede noble shades. If you choose suede boots busy marsh, chocolate, anthracite, ink color, the range of opportunities for the introduction of any kind of image they expand considerably.

Now stud – what is the most secure in the covert? First of all, do not buy high-heeled boots with metallic effect – these shoes are almost always looks aggressive and vulgar. Hairpin botfort preferred classical black, and it is advisable to select extremely thin, and more sustainable option. Let hairpin be the only acute detail in your covert – do not buy a model with a very sharp Cape, preferring rounded.

Height botfort – category is very important, sometimes determining. If in doubt, don’t buy the boots, passing the level of the knee, rising to mid-thigh. This style is good for daring show business stars who are used to shock the public, but for the everyday life he is unusable.

Finally, the main question preying fashionistas – what wearing boots stilettos? The best thing to do top of the more quiet, because the lower part of the body is already quite expressive. It should also be avoided mini-skirts and dresses that fit the hip. The most optimal variant will make an image of the upper part of the body the more voluminous, that balances outfit, not allowing its owner to look defiant.

Save the image with botfortas heels black total look, but not leather, and matte. So you can top to wear a coat or a raincoat, underlined elegant strap waist.

Look suede boots with fitting dresses, but only if the distance, opening leg (between the edge of the boot and dresses) is minimal. The lighter the gamma attire, which includes boots heels, the more it is safe are these boots. To them this as well.

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