ботильоны на толстом каблукеBoots on thick heel become a useful alternative shoes with heels and flat shoes. For autumn, winter and summer in cool weather, this shoes is not just convenient, it is very relevant, so every girl should consider the option stylish ankle boots on sustainable heels. They allow you to move more and less tired, which is invaluable to a resident of a big city, leading active way of life.

The variety of boots on a thick heel strikes the imagination, so any girl looking a good style for everyday use, may apply to this type of footwear and select your model from the huge amount available on the market today.


Cowboy style

This style of boots is not necessarily mean the model of the skin of brown color with fringe and metal spurs. Designers repeat appearance cowboy shoes, embodying it in a convenient beautiful boots on a low thick heel. The advantages of such footwear weight: thanks minimalist design are easily combined with different types of clothing, they can be easily spend a whole day on your feet, if you have a dynamic way of life. Wearing boots on thick heel in cowboy style with classic or cropped jeans, shorts, allowing you to pay attention to the design of a top with slightly rounded edges on both sides.


Open toe

Ankle boots with open nose well suited for summer. For her feminine style, they replace open sandals for those who prefer a more brutal and informal way. Shoes on thin heel looks nice but sometimes deliberately feminine. Then alternative to perform ankle boots with open nose on a thick heel, more suited to casual.

Combine this Shoe can with skirts and dresses-MIDI. Low boots without tops look good as a replacement shoes with open nose. Very popular among girls black leather ankle boots with open toe in rock style, when they are able to replace gross army boots. Elegant and feminine look with a black ankle boots with lace items, great fitting in sophistication.


The lace-up ankle boots

One of the most popular styles for the ankle – boots with laces. In the lace-up ankle boots combined men’s style, typical of the shoes, and feminine, thanks to the heel. Hairpin in such models is somewhat aggressive when they conflict with the brutality of the image. If a thick heel, it is a more integral and harmonious.

Wearing boots on thick heels and lace you with almost anything. They are in the company fit a simple ensemble with jeans and a t-shirt, top, you can wear leather jackets. If your boots are interesting design, far from brevity, for example, they suede, colored, with spikes and other accessories, may they remain the main accessory of your image.


Brutal style

Deliberate rudeness, brutal style of shoes may look very tempting for girls who are in search contrast with femininity other parts of his wardrobe. Boots on thick heels are themselves enhancement of integrity in their pursuit of fashionable brutality, so you must carefully treat other manifestation of this style.

Thick heel, impressive platform, tractor sole, metal spikes and studs, laces, black color, straps with buckles – all this will enhance the style rudeness image created by shoes. Try to keep balance and not to overdo it with the right choice of boots on a thick heel, harmonizing the way, but without going to extremes.

To facilitate the appearance of rough women’s boots will help the details. If you choose black ankle boots, let heel is natural wood. If you prefer tractor sole, refuse platform. If you like color shoes, leave your boots right to be monotonous and without metal fittings. In a couple of rough boots on a thick heel don’t pick up tights with a picture – it would look vulgar. Light color shoes always save the image of boots that will allow you to look feminine and to successfully combine them with dresses and skirts.

Do not wear boots on thick heel, opening her legs, if they are not fine – you will become overweight and squat. If problems with the figure is not observed, it is necessary to abandon looks very heavy boots (heel, high platform or wedge) in combination with bare legs or models of trousers and jeans skinny. Imbalances of the body in this case would be monstrous, and even a beautiful expensive shoes won’t save your image from the shortcut bad taste.

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