сапоги на полную ногуChoose boots with full leg hard. Sometimes girls go to a Shoe store with a rooted idea that modern footwear industry will only work on people with slender legs and graceful ankles. But this is not the case, it is easily seen, if you look at the collection autumn-winter shoes. In a huge number of footwear lines there are models that are not only highly relevant, but also great for owners of full legs.


General rules for selection of boots on the full leg

To pick the right footwear to demeton or winter, it is enough to know a few rules and strictly observe them. The problem of selecting the right Shoe not only that leg physically got into boots, but in the fact that the shoes are not emphasized visible flaws. The last point women often ignore, delighted at having found a model like the price and size.

The fullness of the legs is concentrated in the area from the ankle to the knee. Of course, full woman has curvy hips, but the selection of boots this part is not relevant. The most important rule of beauty and harmony of the image – boots should not visually cut off the area from the ankle to the knee, or leg will look bulky, and the figure is heavy and squat.

Refrain from dangerous boots length to mid-calf.

Fashion boots-stockings too bad option for full legs, even if you find a model with elastic top. Skinny ankle boots also taboo, especially when worn with skirts almost any length.

Refrain from the abundance of additional decorative elements in the form of fringe, tassels, applications. Boots full leg can be beautiful without them, and it is desirable that they were elegant, and not draw attention to themselves. There are exceptions, which allowed for boots at full pace, but it needs a thoughtful approach and a competent hand. For ease of donning pick up classic boots with adjustable lace up back.


Cowboy boots

Low ankle boots or a higher boots cowboy style perfect for full legs, because they do not fit her. Historically, the design of this style of Shoe provides a deliberately open area of the top, so no problems with wearing for owners of full ankle or thick shank no.

The beauty of cowboy boots full length that their upper edge is not smooth in the front, he looks V-neck. It is not just appropriate, and incredibly desirable item for boots, full leg, because visually leg may seem sleeker than actually.

Wearing cowboy boots or boots with cropped jeans in the style of “boyfriend”jeans and skinny pants, and dresses and skirts of any length. When expressed full calf dress should cover the foot completely to the top of the boot.


Army shoes or boots in military-style

Military-style shoes can be as bright addition to women’s dress, and cowboy boots. Authenticity in this case is replaced by the brutality, but the lace-up shoes or boots with numerous rough straps not less successfully able to blend with feminine dresses and skirts.

Classic army lace-up shoes usually cover the ankle, but the latest trends of the season allow you to wear them relaxed, not tied, which prevents the upper edge of the Shoe to emphasize the completeness of the legs. Unlike the cowboy, intended for the summer or denistone, army boots will be a wonderful option of shoes for cold winter. They look great with jackets-leather jackets, skinny jeans, comisariada, romantic dresses made of chiffon with heavy knitted cardigans.



Modern pipe boots are fashionable interpretation hunting boots, which seemed suddenly appeared on the podium. About the aesthetics of this Shoe one can argue, but the fact remains – boots-pipe is very relevant, plus they are great for owners of full legs, allowing them to completely hide them.

In order not to overload the lower part of the body, and not distinguished by elegance, the boots need to choose to create elegant images.

Don’t like boots – stay model knee.

Boots-pipes have a direct hard silhouette of a top that does not fit tightly to the leg, and goes from ankle to knee on one straight line. You can choose the extreme version of such boots is completely straight and rigid, but this style did not correlate with the fact that she holds in everyday life. If you need elegant boots for combining with the classic versions of the coat or other clothing, choose a model with frills volume boot region of the ankle.

The weight of the legs when choosing to favor high-boots-pipe – reason to abandon pins that may look vulgar and discordant with the body proportions. Give preference to sustainable heel and small platform.

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