сапоги с широким голенищемBoots with wide boot became a fashion opposed to no less relevant to boots, stockings, skinny leg models, which are ideal for slim girls and serve as something of a stylish leather tights. With each new season, the number of boots with a wide boot collection is growing, and the girls try to be careful to enter them into your demi closet. The wearing model boots is easy and pleasant, much easier than fitting boots that can look overly aggressive and defiant. Variations also abound.


People fit boots with a wide top

There are a lot of girls with full legs and a wide range of caviar from nature. Like women size plus size requiring special cut of service they need and other shoes involving ease of donning, wearing, and combining different items of clothing. Boots with wide top of any height is a real fashionable gift for women with a full shank. But to wear them, of course, can and girls without such problems.

It is not recommended to wear boots with a wide top for girls with very thin legs, as they will look in such shoes is fragile and vulnerable, but not always beautiful. You should not wear such boots in any format for those who are not high growth, coupled with the natural fragility of the figures, such a model will look sloppy and would transport the entire share of attention, visually absorbing the image itself. How it will look on a particular woman boots with a wide top, depends largely on the nature of the model, its height and style that has defined for her designer.


Cowboy boots

Cowboy style boots popular for a long time, and it is impossible to accurately determine the height of the tops more relevant, because are all – combine in different ways. The cowboy boots recognizable authentic look, first of all, thanks to the wide top with a characteristic rounded edges on the sides, and secondly, because of the thick beveled heel.

Cowboy boots or ankle boots are worn as leather and suede, with a typical country-style embroidery and fringe. If you want to create distinctly cowboy style, wear cowboy boots with cropped jeans and a checkered shirt, complementing the image of the hat and the bag over his shoulder with fringe.

Adepts street style learned from Kate moss, Sienna Miller and other lovers of relaxed style and unexpected combinations to wear cowboy boots with short chiffon floral dresses and long sleeveless jackets with faux fur embodies the style of the seventies, moved today. Finishing touch will be the wide-brimmed hat.


Rubber boots with a wide top

Rubber boots ceased to be the prerogative of those who go fishing, and have moved into the category of fashionable footwear along with any other. One of the highlighted features of rubber boots – wide the leg in which the leg is freely moves back. To give these boots a “high social status”, away from the glamorous image of a hunter or fisherman, it is important to combine them.

First, they are good in combination with high socks that peek out from under the top. Secondly, clothes with such boots should be flattering, feminine style or smart-casual – from raincoats raincoats and parkas shade of khaki prudent to withdraw, leaving their other cases and combinations. The most decent option for rubber boots – imitation luxurious skin, for example, a crocodile or a snake that brings the boots to classic elegance. They can be worn with shorts and breeches, a longer jacket or long knitted cardigan with jeans or leggings.


The boots in military style

The boots in military style – this army lace-up shoes, and other models of boots that borrowed design features of military footwear. In 2014-2015 came into fashion boots of any length with numerous straps in military style, pushed rooted in the wardrobe lace ankle boot. And if, to make a rough combat boots fashion, stylists recommend wearing them deliberately relaxed, almost not strung, the new generation footwear in military – style shoes with a wide top. Thanks to this course designer boots and ankle boots look as if trampled, ponoshennym or rented, the same effect did trendy coat XXL, if somebody’s back, like boyfriend jeans.

If you’re afraid to look in these boots sloppy, combine them with the style emphasized romantic floral chiffon skirts and dresses, jeans with a knitted sweaters in the Irish style, with long dresses, sweaters, long spacious cardigans with beautiful translucent blouses underneath.

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