сапожки без каблукаBoots without a heel – perfect fit in any wardrobe, both business and classic, sporty and romantic, urban and alternative. This type of footwear can be called a classic and traditional on the one hand, and incredibly stylish and trendy with other.

Modern models of ankle boots without a heel look really interesting and original, these boots can last you for years and will look cool even when departure into nothingness or other fashion trends. When buying of such shoes is very important to pay attention to the quality of material and finishing, as well as properly care for her. Options of images and ensembles that are suitable for such shoes, many.


Chelsea boots

One of the most popular models of low boots without a heel are the so-called Chelsea boots. This Shoe came to us from the days of Victorian England, then, these boots used for riding, but today they are one of the most fashionable and comfortable types of casual shoes. Modern models Chelsea diverse in its design, material selection and decor, these shoes can be on the platform or wedges, with a small flat heel or go low on a perfectly – any fashionista will be able to pick out what she needs.

Low and comfortable Chelsea are suitable for long walks, travel and shopping, tourists these shoes are great alternative to sneakers, sneakers and moccasins. Within an urbanized boots without a heel is better to wear thick black tights, skinny jeans, riding with enough surround and noticeable accessories.


What to wear with flat shoes

Boots without a heel, of course, often worn in the cooler months. Such footwear looks good with tight leggings and flannel or denim shirts, chinsamy and bulky sweater and even with the dress, it was quite simple and made from a dense fabric, wool or thick knitwear. If you wear Chelsea boots with a shirt and skinny jeans do not forget about accessories, such details are better kept in the Golden-metallic colours. Jewellery and stylish handbags will dilute a few rough rustic style “country”.

Actually Chelsea boots is not shoes only for running around town and walks with children in these boots it is possible to go to a party or club, if you accompany them with the corresponding “support”. Instead of jeans or leggings put on your mini skirt or leather shorts, and don’t forget the black tights, with a light bottom silhouette will look too “fragmented”. The top is better not to overload, a mini or shorts themselves are quite noticeable parts of clothing, so better to combine them with a simple top or a white silk blouse shirt cut. The image will look more finished if to complement its large earrings – rings made of yellow metal, and makeup don’t forget about the black eyeliner and “smoky eyes”.

Free urban fashions readily admits the neighborhood of Chelsea boots with jeans of free breed, in particular with the now fashionable Boyfriends. Just tuck the jeans a little at the bottom, and if out of the boot you can see the edge of the sock – it looks like an interesting trend highlight.

Boots without a heel often look a bit hard, it’s easy to fix, adding to the voluminous top, a fluffy sweater, a big bag or large accessories.

Chelsea boots long just above the ankle is quite harmonious look with a skirt, try to combine these shoes with a woolen skirt in a cage and plain soft jumper. Ideally in this case would look rather short pleated skirt from plaid and cashmere sweater.

Boots to go low is the perfect shoes for fans of alternative fashion and grunge. Chelsea boots and black leather jacket are appropriate and fall and cool summer evenings. This basic combination can be coupled with any top, plain, printed or striped, and, of course, skinny jeans, better black or dark denim. Bright colored accessory in the form of bags or knitted hats will be very helpful.

With the same dark jeans and boots without a heel looks very harmonious white shirt and a classic trench sand or beige colors. Alternatively a white shirt can be replaced with knitted top vest long sleeve. On a cool day the ensemble will complement the voluminous knitted scarf modest gray.

Monochrome image in black or dark grey is always comfort and practicality. Dark leggings or skinny jeans and three-dimensional retinue oversized in combination with black Chelsea boots will look especially good on tall, slender girls. By the way, this is the image that is preferred by many models in everyday life.

Classic Chelsea boots is quite appropriate and in a light romantic way to wear such shoes flying skirt with floral print jumpers beam waist in bright pastel colours. Such outfits should wear transparent tights beige or gray tint.

Black boots to go low is the perfect shoes to accompany skinny colored jeans bold and stylish accessories. Try this combination: black Chelsea, the olive diesny skinny jeans, fur jacket faux fur and a wide-brimmed hat with dark glasses.

Boots to go low will come in handy in the fall and cool in the spring, these shoes will fit perfectly into the ensemble with the participation of coat length above the knee, a voluminous scarf and the bag of medium size.

For frequent guests music festivals outdoor comfort means not less, than the style and individual approach to the image. Going to the open air, the Chelsea boots wear denim shorts and a plain top, it can be a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite band or a simple black t-shirt. If the black top to add jewelry and to take up quite voluminous clutch, the ensemble is quite suitable for city trips.

Comfortable, but at the same time looks stylish combination of Chelsea boots with a fairly tight short jeans. The bottom is better to combine with laminated top: a loose jumper with a white shirt or t-shirt plus a leather or suede jacket.

Modern fashion trends are promoting the deliberate emphasis on the toes, the top of which you can see from the cropped tops of the boots and boots. Chelsea and thin socks are made for each other, the upper part of the silhouette in this case can be arranged in different ways: it can be a leather skirt or shorts or short tight dress and a black trench coat length just below the knee.

Boots without a heel – universal thing in your everyday wardrobe. It’s hard to say what this Shoe does not fit, except that with an evening dress. If you appreciate comfort, quality and practicality, be sure to purchase a pair of classic Chelsea boots or any other favorite model of boots to go low.

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