ботоксAbout Botox not heard only one who lives outside of the information field, which for many years gives us information about this cosmetic «poison». Botox is called panacea for old age, that, of course, is not the absolute truth, but supporters are far more than the opponents. The leader among other injections of beauty, the great and terrible Botox – the subject of controversy cosmetologists and ordinary women who advise each other to use them, or Vice versa, to refrain from the injection.


Used danger

Drug Botox (Botox) is based on his actions properties of botulinum toxin. Once this word is associated exclusively with the disease, which led (and, incidentally, still leads) to severe damage of the Central and autonomic nervous system with mortality rates reach in some countries up to 80% of cases. Today Botulinumtoxin tamed by the specialists, who had sent his devastating effect on the benefit of beauty. This venom causes paralysis of muscle fibers, which became the object of intense interest to the Botulinumtoxin. Its ability to block the nerve impulses formed the basis for preparations containing botulinum toxin, Botox which is the most known and widely used.

Scientists argue that the botulism people had always, after all, pick up this dangerous toxin can, after drinking water from a contaminated lake.

The name of the pathogen of the disease gave Belgian doctor-bacteriologist Emile van Ermengem in the late nineteenth century. The bacterium сlostridium botulinum about a hundred years remained unclaimed in the beauty industry, until, finally, it is not interested in Edward schantz and Alan Scott, who began the search for areas of application Botulinumtoxin for the benefit of mankind. Following successful trials in patients with strabismus and blepharospasm in 1980 it became clear that in medicine and beauticians a new era begins. Dangerous poison was finally directed on creative goals, and runs to this day.


How does Botox

When you look at pictures of celebrities who use Botox injections on a regular basis (this makes Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie), catches the eye of smoothness of persons with pronounced by the radiance of the skin of the forehead. Beauticians always accurately determine the application of Botox, which is hard to disguise. It has both positive and negative sides, and the latter are often ignored in the pursuit of eternal youth.

Botox injections are made directly into the muscle, causing her immobilization over the drug between muscle and nerve terminal, which is connected with it, the connection is aborted. Due to this, the skin, which is above the muscle relaxes and does not respond to the Tzimtzum, which is no more. As a result, after a short time after the injection of Botox is observed smoothing of expression and age wrinkles.

The complete work of muscle fibers is gradually recovering after 3-6 months, it is necessary to make a repeated injection. If you want and need, of course. If you do Botox injections regularly, then eventually disappears addiction wrinkle forehead and act against oneæs mouth – you just can’t do it physically. But to enter Botox is recommended in those areas that can do without emotsionaalne – forehead, mirovna area, the eye area. Not recommended stabbing Botox in the area of nasolabial folds, because the result will look unnatural. Also, do not be more than 100 units of the drug in one procedure.


The necessity and limitations

Availability and relative cheapness of the introduction of Botox made him a drug to which seek to young girls, allegedly concerned about the future of ageing. Naturally, questions of age and needed injections are solved individually, but in twenty years the need for sure – Botox should not be considered a preventive measure, to him you should use when you sign of problems. Better to start approximately in thirty years, continue to chop Botox without specific contraindications can be up to 50. Later, the need for it may fall away, because sixty years he already can’t solve the problem of wrinkles.

If you decide to get a shot of Botox, before the procedure to avoid physical exertion, a few days is better to stop taking antibiotics. Injection of Botox takes only a few minutes, injection cosmetologist makes the muscle you want to immobilize. About half an hour after the shot will need to sit with cooling compress. Be aware that some drugs reduce the duration of Botox. Among them – antibiotics, hormonal methods.

In some cases, the effect of the introduction of Botox is seen immediately after the procedure, but mostly it can be seen about a week.

Drug botulinum toxin is applied not only to the visible elimination of wrinkles, but also to reduce sweating. For this Botox is injected into the armpits, palms and soles, where blocking the sweat glands.

Contraindications to Botox injections are clotting disorders, pregnancy and lactation, intolerance of protein therapy anticoagulants, drugs calcium. Myasthenia gravis (miasteniceski syndrome), an autoimmune disease, which manifests itself in the muscle weakness, also a contraindication to the introduction of Botox. It is not worth to take a shot of Botox during and before menstruation, think well worth it if you have recently suffered a serious surgical procedure. If the patient is taking certain medications, you need to make sure that they are compatible with Botox.

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