лечение ботоксомBotox – preparation on the basis of botulinum toxin, which is more than thirty years all over the world applied for the prevention and elimination of wrinkles. But the effect of Botox is not limited to a purely cosmetic effect. It can successfully produce the cure of diseases, the etiology of which lies in the neuromuscular interaction. Botox treatment is not a new word in the medico-cosmetological area because of the beauty industry Botox came precisely from the medicine.


Return to origins

Botox belongs to a group of muscle, that is, drugs, causing relaxation of muscles. There are many diseases that are associated with the violation of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, and, perhaps, after a while scientists will present different ways of treatment with the use of botulinum toxin. Currently Botox has been used successfully for people with cerebral palsy, cross-eyed and other ophthalmologic disorders, as well as in the fight against excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis.

This is known mostly to experts, but always curious to ordinary people: Botox was first applied on volunteers with strabismus, where he demonstrated their incomparable effect. At the same time and was given the name of the drug, a carefully worked out exactly in ophthalmology as Oculinum. In fact, it was known today Botox, which over time showing itself in the fight for beauty and smoothness of the skin without a wrinkle. Botox is still used for the treatment of strabismus.


Treatment of strabismus Botox

Strabismus may be congenital or acquired due to trauma or stress. In any case, this defect leads not only to a violation of visual functions, it lowers their self-esteem and prevents the development of personality, for example, career development, not to mention the sheer aesthetic defect. Strabismus is connected with infringement of work глазодвигательной muscle that Botox should relax, reducing the negative effect, which is the spasm and asymmetry of the eyeballs with fixation in one position. By strabismus глазодвигательная muscle abides in a state of stress that is easily solved Botox.

The procedure for the correction of strabismus Botox requires careful preparation. For access to the muscle necessary to capture the eye векорасширителем, then the doctor gently introduces the drug into the muscle. Pre require anesthesia. In some cases, after a Botox injection may experience a slight bleeding. The result of the injection can be evaluated within 10-14 days, when the eyeball is put into its place and the patient becomes symmetry of both eyes. The effect is maintained for about six months.


Treatment with Botox cerebral palsy

Botox may help in spastic forms of infant cerebral palsy. Disease is associated with brain damage resulting from the impossibility of full functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Due to spasm of the muscles children cannot straighten his leg and put a foot on the support surface. It should be noted that Botox treatment is one of the forms proposed by modern medicine for restoration of motor activity, but not a panacea for cerebral palsy. If a child suffers from this disease, before making the decision to enter Botox

careful examination. Some parents report their children after the injection the opposite result, and all because Botox causes muscle relaxation. Positive results of treatment with abound. Botox injections are not for everyone children with cerebral palsy, it needs to be considered.

Treatment of cerebral palsy Botox – rather conditional name, because Botox on time, relieves spasms of muscles, which prevents proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system. After 5-6 months of injection may be repeated.


Treatment with Botox hyperhidrosis

Is the use of botulinum toxin found the widest application. Hyperhidrosis can greatly reduce self-confidence, and the problem is not always solved deodorant-an antiperspirant. Treatment of hyperhidrosis Botox injection is directly in the problem area. A shot is done in the axilla, the palm of the hand or the foot, resulting in approximately six months you can enjoy dryness and comfort even in the hot season. Many patients who once experienced the effect of Botox against wetness, note, that already after termination of drug sweat dropped.

In all cases the dose of Botox should not exceed 100 units. But most importantly, you should remember that Botox treatment is only a temporary measure. Perhaps even a simple sweating is a symptom of the disease, which is necessary to reveal and get down to it seriously.

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