мальчишеский стиль в одеждеAndrogynous style is back in fashion in the autumn-winter 2015-2016. Five main parts that help you “try on” boyish style of dress.


Look back

Androgynous style is not dated yesterday. The first suit for women in men’s style appeared in England in the late 1800s. In society, this style has made Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, not to mention George sand, which caused a scandal with their masculine style of clothing in the nineteenth century. Actually, this style became available and accepted in the mid 1960-ies. During these years, Yves Saint Laurent men’s tuxedo transforms in a woman’s evening outfit. Celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve and françoise Hardy, immediately became a fan of androgynous fashion, which violates all the canons of womanhood. Other fashion designers are also in a hurry to present on the catwalk their latest collections in a new direction.

мальчишеский стиль Катрин Денев

Catherine Deneuve

мальчишеский стиль Марлен Дитрих

Marlene Dietrich

As trivial it may sound, fashion is an eternal renewal of old traditions. For anybody not a secret return of the image of the boyish girl on the catwalks, starting in 2012 (Lanvin spring-summer 2012, Christian Dior spring-summer 2013, Dries Van Noten and Moschino fall-winter 2013-2014). In the season autumn-winter 2014-2015 was also presented boyish style of dress at a fashion show in Barcelona. This trend quickly caught on and continues to adapt to each new season, becoming an integral part of women’s wardrobe.


The main components of a boyish style

The main element of frat-boy style – men’s trousers. You can afford any color, it is not necessary to stick to neutral or dark tones. Addition to men’s trousers can be cut blouse mens shirts and blazer. A good idea to look and blouse or top.

Why not delve into this style? Of course, we are not talking about three-piece suit, but to borrow a set of trousers and blazer. Plain or with square print, you may prefer a form-fitting or large sizes tuxedo depending on your desires. The kit can be supplemented with a t-shirt, shirt or sweater to emphasize the refinement of the silhouette.

Shoes with heels – the perfect element, which contrasts with men’s clothing style, especially if you are going to a party or want to emphasize the sexuality of the image. However, it is better to opt for shoes with flat soles. Straight pants and t-shirt will be a good match with Derby, Richelieu, loafers or Chelsea boots. And shoes flat shoes much more comfortable, why not afford it?

Men’s shirt is another essential element of boyish style. If you just borrow it from their boyfriend and lightly perfume it, you will feel sexy in it. The model is of a large size is also suitable for this style, unfasten buttons, slightly revealing his neck. A man’s shirt can be alternated with close-fitting shirt with Italian collar. If you are not attracted plain white shirt, select a stripe option.

At the onset of the cool weather is the time to get that wool coat straight cut.

The main thing in a boyish style to be minimalist. Preference should be given basic things that go well with anything in your wardrobe. Accessories play an important role: large watch on a stainless steel bracelet, a hat with straight brim, the bag as backpack or shoulder bag. Remember, do not mix styles. But to emphasize femininity with the help of makeup.

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