Bracelets, as well as earrings, are an integral component of the image of attractive girls. Using them can accentuate the hand subtlety, tenderness wrists, give the fragility of the entire appearance, and also complement the style of clothing. In ancient times, the beautiful half of mankind tried to decorate their hands like accessories to look more feminine and elegant.

Bracelets always enjoyed great popularity among women. Surprisingly, if during the Palaeolithic bracelets were worn as amulets and protection from evil spirits, in our time their main purpose, decorative, and buy bracelet can be almost any store. But to buy a suitable bracelet, you need to know how to properly it should be selected.
Браслеты. Дань моде или дело вкуса?

Some tips when choosing:

1.Браслет should be in harmony with clothes. That is, if the clothes of classical style, the bracelet will be selected according to him. This may not be a bracelet made of coloured knitted yarn, large glass beads or pieces of leather.

Old 2. warning should be given to not only the style of clothes, but its colours. If the bracelet is composed of several colors, at least one color should be in clothes.

3.on the narrow and thin wrist will look great bracelets different diameters and sizes. The thicker and wider will bracelet, the thinner and невесомее will seem hand with such a wrist. The same applies to hands and wrists are medium in size.
Not worth the owners of hands with a wide wrist wear a bracelet, which will emphasize the massiveness of the hands. Here would be the best big bracelet.

4.Браслеты made of stones, should grasp the hand and not hang out on it. In contrast, bracelets round shape in the form of rings or in the form of a chain should sit freely, but not so much that could fall from the hands. The distance between the bracelet and the hand must not be greater than the width of the index finger.

5. you should wear bracelets on the same hand, the watch. This can spoil the whole impression about the image and look tacky.

6.Также’t wear a couple of bracelets simultaneously completely different material of which they are made. Even gold bracelets can differ from each other by colour or quality.

7.never you should wear bracelets on gloves. Such a view would be utterly ridiculous.
Браслеты. Дань моде или дело вкуса?3
Quite clearly we can say that wearing a bracelet can give elegance to any girl. The case remains for small – to choose according to your taste and preferences.

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