брекетыDespite the wide opportunities of orthodontics to dental reconstruction and correction of most non-esthetic dental manifestations, braces remain one of the most effective ways to bite and create a beautiful smile. Braces are afraid of is the fact, to wear on the teeth in the brackets will have six months to one and a half years, and not all risk “decorate” your mouth them for such a long time. But the bracket system is worth little to suffer in the name of beauty. This will tell any man who has transformed his smile.


A complex system is a simple mechanism

брекетыIn Russian language the word “braces” comes from the English. Bracket – this “bracket”, and this is exactly what this system is. What we call braces are constructions from steel, metal alloys, ceramics. They consist of several elements, which form the braces. It is based braces, ligatures, orthodontic arch, as well as rings, which are mounted on the sixth, seventh and eighth teeth.

Braces as part of the system is the same rectangular elements that are attached to the teeth using a composite material. Some potential patients orthodontist fear that the brackets will scratch teeth, and then, afraid of their unsightly appearance – they really catch the eye. Not necessary to be afraid, because modern brackets do not violate the integrity of the tooth enamel. For those who do not want his front teeth were decorated with braces can consider the option of lingual braces, which are installed on the inside. Unfortunately, despite the obvious convenience, lingual braces can’t always solve the problem, for which the system is installed. Elite option – satinovye braces, which has the status of a class “Lux”, durability and non-trivial.

The second component of the bracket system is orthodontic arch, presents a thin metal filament travelling all over the dentition. The arc runs through the groove of braces, pressing them to the teeth. Throughout treatment, orthodontic arch will be day after day to align the dentition, causing irregular teeth to repeat her position that she sets orthodontist.

Between orthodontic arch and braces are fixed ligatures, often elastic rubber. Ligatures can be transparent, making braces mouth less visible, but there are patients who combine the pleasant with the useful and make braces this accessory. For them are produced colored ligatures.

On sixth, seventh and eighth teeth braces are not fixed for the inconvenience. Orthodontic arch is fixed by means zoster teeth ring with a lock in the front.


Self-ligating braces

брекетыSelf-ligating braces is a relatively new term in aesthetic dentistry. Unlike traditional systems, they do not involve the use of elastic ligatures. When setting the bracket system with ligatures the patient is required each month to visit the orthodontist for inspection, change ligatures, correction system. As a replacement elastic ligatures increasingly used clips-latch that allows to reduce the frequency of doctor visits to once in two months, to reduce the period of correction and to facilitate the daily care of teeth.

The correction of bite self-ligating braces occurs in the presence of small physiological forces that allows the teeth to move easier. A great advantage bezlistnyh braces that by itself, it seems less volume, which increases the convenience of wearing less impact on diction and other processes. If the patient has periodontal disease, shows use only bezlistnyh braces.


Manufacture and installation of brackets

The bracket system is made individually for each patient. This requires prior consultation orthodontist with the removal of mold of the teeth, installation planning and all the details of the treatment. In some cases, you may also visit the orthodontist other doctors to calculate all the risks and exclude the possibility of complications after installation.

Before installing the brackets doctor cleans the teeth and sanitation of the oral cavity. After the system is installed, you will receive a full list of recommendations for the proper care for your mouth.

To visit a doctor should once every month or two months, depending on braces and specific treatment.

After removal of braces treatment does not stop. On the teeth set retainer, which should fix the result. If not worn, the teeth will seek to occupy the position. Retainer similar in structure to the bracket system, but it is not as extensive. It can be fixed and removable, and wearing it takes up to two periods of wearing braces.

Modern technologies allow to produce invisible to the outside eye retainers, which do not cause any inconvenience.

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