брэнд Miu MiuBrand Miu Miu appeared just twenty years ago, but managed to occupy a worthy place on the fashion Olympus. Funny name, consonant with the cats meow, easy to remember, and the clothes of this brand attracts with simplicity and extravagance, brightness and elegance. Clothes from Miu Miu personality and help to create a unique style, but will not cost too much.


History of the brand

брэнд Miu MiuIn the early twentieth century Mario Prada creates the world’s most famous Italian Fashion House. Over the years, the brand is gaining popularity, things Prada become a symbol of good taste, luxury and refined gloss. Granddaughter of the famous designer, Миуччиа Prada, heads the fashion Empire in 1978. In fifteen years, it creates a new brand Miu Miu. Clothes of this mark is designed to meet the needs of young fashionistas: eccentric, flirtatious and seductive, it is accessible even young girls, who cannot afford the luxury things from Prada.

Baby nickname Миуччи Prada became the name of the new brand. In many languages it successfully associated with the cats meow. Playful, gentle, memorable – it is not surprising that mark Miu Miu familiar to almost everyone. However, business, certainly, not only in a loud name. Popular brand make an interesting and bold design, colorful prints and unusual and eclectic style.

Designers Miu Miu boldly complement traditional outfits avant-garde details. This brand was established for young and bright. Brand fans prefer youth style, Flirty, but not vulgar. Competitive prices allow us hard experimenting with classic things that are «treats», stylish details. Perhaps, over the years, girls, opting for today Miu Miu clothing, change their tastes and will prefer restrained model and classical solutions, but for young hard to find the model that is more suitable.

Interestingly, over the years, Miu Miu clothing increasingly differs in style from Prada clothing. Even fashion shows are held at different times and in different places: this indicates that the mark Miu Miu is becoming more and more independent. This is evidenced by itself Miuccia Prada: according to her, well-known brands combined financial relations. Therefore style, which is promoted trademark Prada clothing from Miu Miu absolutely no influence.

Boutiques brand located in Paris and Milan, Rome and Venice, Cannes, Bologna and London. In addition, the clothes from Miu Miu can be bought in Moscow, Istanbul, Madrid, Berlin, Zurich, Munich, new York, Boston, Los Angeles, as well as in Asian countries.


Star choice

брэнд Miu MiuAmong the admirers of the brand not only many ordinary women, but celebrities. In love Miu Miu recognized and Chloe Nicole Севиньи, Vanessa Paradis, Katie Holmes, Kirsten dunst and many other stars who are attracted by the original stuff, emphasizing individuality. The original style of the Miu Miu allows you to always remain young and relaxed.

For the presentation of the brand, the company has always chosen brightest stars is unusual and attractive. In different times the brand was represented by stars such as Kim Бессинджер, Vanessa Paradis, Lindsay Lohan, Laetitia Casta, Katie Holmes, Zhou Xun, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Siri Толлерод. In 2011 the face of the brand has fourteen-year-old star of the movie the Coen brothers ‘ «Iron grip» Haley Стайнфелд, in 2012 – actress MIA Васиковская, known for her film «Alice in Wonderland».


The peculiarities of the style from Miu Miu

брэнд Miu MiuCollections of the brand always surprise. Customers are offered the pants shade dirt orange-green nylon blouses, unusual prints on t-shirts, elegant dresses and tops. A distinctive feature of production of the brand can be called a daring and unexpected combination of colors. Sometimes it seems that the designers mix different tone at random. But, strange as it may seem, the result of these experiments is invariably successful: orange and blue, gold, and Burgundy. Even elegant velvet dresses in the interpretation of this brand look weird: bright, cheerfully, fresh.

From one collection to go and classic colors: black, red, white. Calm muted tones diluted purple and orange, laconic outfits are complemented by accessories Golden and silver colors. From all variety of tissues designers Miu Miu prefer dry cotton and gentle shiny satin. Also to create outfits often used skin.

Charming prints from this brand also will leave nobody indifferent. Immediately attracted the attention of images of cats, birds or even naked girls on clothes. And the more traditional patterns, such as flowers, twigs, stripes, checks look original.

брэнд Miu MiuClothing brand will not exploit the idea of sexuality, but paradoxically looks sensual and attractive. Perhaps the secret is in the original cut or easy RAID Bohemian? Bulky sweaters, light-free skirts and dresses waist line not deliberately look sexy and practically does not emphasize the shape. According to the founder of the brand, the more sexy clothes is a woman, the less sex she receives. At the same time, hardly anyone can name a clothing brand stiff and boring – original unconventional styles and colors make things from Miu Miu unusual and recognizable.

Special attention is paid designers accessories – no wonder the emergence of a new brand coincided with obtaining Miuccia Prada awards best international designer accessories in 1993. Flirty and original accessories such unthinkable reconcile rebelliousness and classics, avant-garde and tradition. Relaxed femininity handbags and shoes makes them very versatile and can be used to create different images, from classical and business to slightly frivolous in the style of «casual».

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