бразильская эпиляцияBrazilian waxing appeared in new York in 1987, to popularize this method of removing body hair took sisters from Brazil, known by the name of the Sisters Jay. Since then, over 25 years ago, but this method is still one of the most popular styles of hair removal.


What is Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal is significantly different from the classic hair removal, first of all the fact that the Brazilian style is characterized by the removal of hair in the front, in the back perineum and internal parts. Often pubic leave the narrow strip of hair, but some lose her.

The procedure of hair removal is carried out in the individual case if a complete lack of underwear gives you some inconvenience, the master can give you a disposable Thong panties. Wax is applied to hair length of a few millimeters, this length is required for the efficient capture and removal of hair together with an onion. Often wizard refuse to do hair removal, if the hair in the bikini area has not reached a sufficient length, do not forget about it. Before applying hot wax treated area abundantly prisypaetsja talc. Talc prevents the hot wax to adhere to the skin. Experienced master removes hair fast precise movements, the higher the qualification of the master, the less likely it is that you will be painful and unpleasant.


The procedure of hair removal

The hot wax is applied to the skin flat wooden spatula, then still warm wax covered with a cloth, which is tightly pressed against the skin. The main thing that the wax is firmly stuck to the hairs. Once the wax has cooled a little, master sharp movement off the strip of cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth. In the result of the sharp and fast movement of the hairs are removed along with the hair bulb.

If hair removal causes too much pain, ask the wizard to apply the wax on a smaller area.

As a rule, hair begins with a hair removal in front of the pubic area, then the hair is removed at the back of the perineum. Sometimes the master may turn to you for help, asking them to tighten and lock the skin.

Brazilian waxing is the complete removal of hair in the intimate area, except for a thin strip in the center of the pubis, so don’t be surprised when the wizard will start hair removal between buttocks. But total hair removal, that is, absolutely devoid of vegetation intimate zone, called «Hollywood».

  • After processing intimate zone wax, with tweezers individual hairs are removed and, if necessary, shortened length hairs in the «strip». Some very creative lady trivial little things turn into a work of art, giving it a peculiar form, coloring the hair, leaving them and so on.
  • Upon completion of all operations on the treated area is applied sedative. Irritation, redness and ingrown hairs fairly common after hair removal. To soothe the skin, treat the problem areas soft exfoliating tool and then lotion containing hydrogen peroxide. If you are familiar with the problem of ingrown hair, the day before hair removal, carefully treat bikini scrub.

As a rule, between treatments hair removal takes from two to four weeks, the first procedure, of course, seems to be the most painful and unpleasant, but eventually the pain is no longer perceived so acutely.

  • To epilation procedure was a less painlessly and produce more satisfactory results, don’t forget to follow certain rules and to follow the recommendations of the expert.
  • If you decided to make epilation, always make sure that your chosen beauty meets all the requirements of hygiene and sanitation, and the master has the appropriate qualifications.
  • If you never did waxing, and I am afraid that the removal of hair in the intimate area will be too painful, try using wax to get rid of hair on the upper lip or in some other small area.

Epilation of intimate zones, including Brazilian, popular procedure among women as well as men, but women need to know that closer to the beginning of menstruation, skin sensitivity increases, and, accordingly, hair removal can be more painful than usual. In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary suffering, try to schedule the procedure at least a couple of days before menstruation or after its completion.

Before you go to the salon, be sure to take a warm (but not hot shower). Area bikini treat mild belongings, wash it remains detergents and scrub If the hair in the intimate area too long, the procedure epilation will be very painful, for sufficient capture and removal of body hair with onion quite a length of a few millimeters.

If you have a low pain threshold for 30-45 minutes prior to epilation take the pill tylenol or any other pain medication. In this case it is better to refuse of aspirin or ibuprofen, because these drugs to thin the blood.

Clearly decide how and where you want to remove hair in the intimate area, feel free to voice their wishes wizard. If you did not previously conducted bikini hair removal, try to learn about techniques and styles epilation this zone as much as possible.


Skin care after epilation

  • For several days after hair removal try not to wear too tight underwear and tights.
  • To avoid irritation and bacteria try rarely have to touch the treated areas hands.
  • After epilation is better to abandon the evening in a hot bath, evening or during the day is best to take a warm shower.
  • After epilation a couple of days to cancel all the hikes in the Solarium, saunas and steam rooms.
  • In the next 24-48 hours after the procedure epilation is better to abstain from sexual intercourse.

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