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Glowing skin, narrow waist, flat stomach and flying gait – a dream that can easily become a reality. If all this beauty lies under the weight of extra pounds, then come to the aid of breathing exercises for weight loss. Contrary to popular belief that to lose weight you can only use harsh dieting and excessive exercise, such exercises will help you achieve your goal easily.

To lose weight with the help of the breath, enough to forget about the daily routine and urgent matters for 15-20 minutes and devote this time to yourself. Moreover, gymnastics not only reduces weight, but also promotes healing of the whole body, improves the immune system and gives a powerful positive charge. For training at home you don’t need any special tools, you just need a Mat and free, not constraining the movement of the service.

As breathing helps to lose weight?

This “passive” gymnastics is rooted in India and Ancient China. In Western culture it has come relatively recently. Indian yoga can work wonders with the help of breathing techniques and the ancient Chinese believed that breathing helps to control the spirits and harmonizes the external space. Modern researchers have concluded that many diseases, including obesity associated with inadequate oxygenation.

It seems incredible that you can lose weight with the help of the breath. But the efficiency of this method has already been confirmed by numerous examples. Breathing exercises help reduce the weight to a greater extent than running, fitness classes or Biking. Consider the nature of the influence of breathing exercises for weight loss on the metabolic processes in the body:

  1. For a good metabolism is necessary to provide an optimal level of absorption by the digestive system nutrients. This work is done by tiny hairs that a huge number of young people from within the gastrointestinal tract. With lack of oxygen, their efficiency drops sharply and the rate of metabolism decreases.
  2. Weight loss while performing breathing exercises due to the fact that molecules of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) have the ability to quickly metabolize fat into energy needed for most of the reactions occurring at the cellular level. But for this ATP necessary alkaline environment, which is achieved only when a sufficient saturation of the cells with oxygen.
  3. On the endocrine system responsible for the metabolism negatively influence the preservatives, dyes and other toxins present in abundance in most popular food. To protect itself, the body is “designed” to create more fat cells and use them for storage of harmful substances. But in a deep breath toxins quickly turn into a gas and displayed.
  4. Oxygen interacts with fat cells and oxidizes them and starts the process of destruction. Shallow breathing does not face this sanctuary in stock”, but special breathing exercises provide a powerful flow of oxygen and effectively burn fat.
  5. The effectiveness of gymnastics due to its impact on the emotional background. Respiratory system improves mood, reduces anxiety and stress. This helps speed up the metabolism, reduces the relevance of “stuttering” problems and night trips to the fridge.

Methods of breathing exercises for weight loss


The method was developed by the American Grieg Chillers. This gymnastics combines aerobic breathing and stretching exercises, which gives a great effect of reducing weight. An indispensable condition is abdominal breathing with the participation of the diaphragm, in which the inhalation is done through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The body actively absorbs oxygen, which enters the bloodstream and enters the area of muscle tension. Thus, fat burning occurs in the problem areas.

брюшное дыхание

There are certain rules and breathing exercises Bodyflex, compliance with which is a guarantee of successful results, in particular the complex should only be performed on an empty stomach. The advantage is that it does not require compliance with diet. However, there are contraindications: heart disease, increased intracranial pressure, some diseases of the spine, tumors, bleeding, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy.


Technique invented Jill Johnson, and has adapted the methodology for our country Marina Korpan. Such breathing exercises for weight loss will be pleased with the positive dynamics in 2-3 days, and given her enough just 15 minutes a day. Seen some parallel Oxisols and Bodyflex, but the first option involves less noisy breathing through the abdomen, the absence of contraindications and the opportunity to do at any time, not necessarily on an empty stomach. Before the training necessary to become familiar with the equipment Oxisols and be aware that you will need some restrictions in the diet.


The name of the technique literally means “lose fat”. This is another Chinese system, no contraindications and is unique in its simplicity and accessibility. After 2 months of regular and proper breathing can get rid of 10 kg of excess weight and get in reward for effort a burst of energy, vigor, strengthen the immune system and good mood. Tsangpa consists of only three exercisesthat can be performed not only at home but also on the nature or in the office.

поза «Лотос» из гимнастики Цзяньфэй


This is a Chinese technique, which is based on ancient philosophical doctrine of Qi energy, which pervades all objects in space, including inanimate. In the human body there are specific meridians and energy centers. Moving through them, Qi strives to improve the health of the body and harmonize all aspects of life. In the code of recommendations for the Qigong important is not only the technique of breathing exercises, but also the ability to concentrate on the sensations, control of emotions and thoughts.

Gymnastics By Strelnikova Method

Initially, the technique was used to restore the singing voice. But with the growing popularity of respiratory systems for health improvement technique has been used by people suffering from lung and skin diseases, nervous disorders, diseases of musculoskeletal system, disorders of the genitourinary system excess weight. For all its universal usefulness in gymnastics there are contraindications.

Holotropic breath

The technique was invented by the psychologist Stanislav Grof. The method is based on the principle of deep, rapid breathing. This man is immersed in a special altered state of mind. Weight loss is achieved by accelerating metabolism, due to the hyperventilation of the lungs. The system is highly controversial from the point of view of official medicine, so to do holotropic breathing is better only in a group or with an assistant, personal training can be unsafe.

занятие холотропным дыханием

Breathing yoga

It is not a separate method, and part of the great ancient teachings aimed at the development and harmonization of all spheres of human life. Breathing techniques in yoga are of utmost importance, however, rapid weight loss, then, in principle, impossible. To speed up the process of achieving harmony, you can use some techniques when walking.

The complex of exercises for beginners and not only

A few yoga exercises as the morning – it’s all day fit. It is very important to follow the breath. It should be deep and calm. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and duration.

  1. Feet shoulder width apart on the inhale, raise the hands up and joined hands over your head, exhale lower down.
  2. Make smooth circular movements of the head in one and in the other direction, then rotate the shoulders.
  3. Feet shoulder width thighs, inhaling, raise the arms parallel to the floor, pull the belly and try to open the chest. Reach your head to the sky, and the lower part of the body to the ground. To facilitate you can pick up a towel and stretch it to the sides – this technique classes present in one of the methods of the Japanese diet.
  4. Complete set of breathing exercises on a “farewell” muscle, because this part of the body is often one of the most problematic for women. Meanwhile, to perform push-UPS ready, not all of the fair sex. Learn how to breathe correctly, to lose weight, can from the following video with Marina Korpan:


Natalia, 26 years. Set a goal to get rid of 10 pounds. Have the system Exisit in the group and in addition the home itself is already 6 months. The process is slower than we would like, but the result is still good. Evaporated 7 kg, and the figure was what I needed. There is little time left, do not want to throw. Yes and it is not hard at all.

Marina, 32 years. After birth could not himself without tears, a look, a figure slightly resembled the balloon. Diets are not recommended because they feed the baby, and the doctor until recommends strength training. Found information on Tsangpa. What could be easier – just three exercises. The effect is amazing. The volume decrease on the eyes, the skin is tightened and from back pain got rid of. Even with a toddler, you can find 15 minutes a day.

Alla, 45 years. Really wanted to lose weight, but the word “diet” drives into a depression, and sports can’t because I have chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component. On the advice of the doctor tried gymnastics by Strelnikova method. There are already 3 months, lost 4.5 kg It is very happy, but most importantly, it became much less likely to use the inhaler. That’s what a real therapeutic effect!


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