бриджи с термоэффектом

The desire of the female half of humanity towards perfection has no limits. This especially applies to the figures. The desire to eat tasty and excuses for lack of time to practice in the gym reliably protect fat stores. But slim to be like, and so you need to find a way. Here’s the good sort of thing came along – breeches for weight loss. Here you and sauna effect and anti-cellulite. Just wear and Potiy. You can lie on the couch, and the pounds will melt away before my eyes. The prospect of a rainbow, and the thing is, undoubtedly, a useful, but not so simple. To the pants worked, have yet to sweat in the literal sense of the word.

The secret Termalija and how do they operate?

The elegance and smartness require a certain lifestyle, which implies some effort on yourself, and to make them want not for everyone. This is used by the manufacturers of various products, offering to part with fat accumulation and easily. Alternatively, breeches slimming, which can be found in the line brands, specializing in the creation of various clothes with thermal effect. Most popular products: Hot shapers, Vulkan, Artemis Lite weights.

The main component of the bridges – neoprene. This innovative elastic material, which is easy to take any form and has slimming properties. In the pants of different manufacturers such thermoscani in the clothing contains a different number. So, Artemis and Liteweights consist of 90% neoprene, the rest is nylon and a small cotton lining on the inner layer. Breeches Vulkan have 80% neoprene and contain a layer of thermoses, which creates a layer of air. Product Hot shapers are made of Neotex material, which consists of the same neoprene only 60%.

The principle of operation of all bridges for weight loss is based on the effect of the sauna. Porous neoprene ensures a perfect fit, quickly heated by body temperature and increases sweating. As a result, the tissues accelerates the metabolism of excess fluid and with it the toxins. As a result, the skin flattens, increasing its elasticity and firmness. In addition, the pants have a light massage and anti-cellulite effect. This is especially true in those cases where the “orange peel” caused by edema, i.e. the concentration in the body fluid.
бриджи «Хот-шейперс»

Rules for effective and safe use of bridges for weight loss

It’s time to apply the breeches in practice. Manufacturers suggest using them in different spheres of life. So, you can wear it under your normal clothes (slacks or a long skirt) to work or for a walk, do chores, work out in the gym to enhance the effects of exercise and even to put on before bed to lose weight during sleep. Marked a very extensive field of activity, which are especially attractive to avid Lentek.

Still – elegant turns out, breeches will do everything themselves, and fat with cellulite will disappear unnoticed. Actually a really good effect is achieved only in combination with high physical activity. That is, Jogging and exercise will do, slow and household chores is very average, and to sleep in waist breeches, not only useless, but also very harmful. These and other shortcomings have thermostone.

Wear thermotite preferably not more than two or three hours, as the vessels and internal organs of small pelvis cannot be extended to the compression. For this reason, you should not find the neoprene breeches size smaller. They have tight-fitting shape, and the first time is pulled back firmly. Constant wearing can cause poticy on the skin, thrush.

To enhance the effect during your workout, you can optionally use anti-cellulite cream or gel. In the end, be sure to take a shower, brush the skin moisturizer and wash your favorite breeches. They require hand washing, do not tolerate squeezing and prefer to dry flat for best results. During this method of weight loss you can’t forget about adequate fluid intake. Because the body is rapidly losing fluid, drinking water, preferably more.

There are direct contraindications to wear bridges neoprene: varicose veins, pregnancy, inflammatory diseases (including gynaecological), dysfunction of the heart, kidneys and liver, various types of tumors.

Where to buy and at what price?

Thermoacid is one of the popular goods in the teleshopping “Top shop”. You can find breeches at online stores, sports hypermarkets, conventional pharmacies. With all of the rules of operation will work with any model. Is it that cheap options less presentable appearance, which is not very aesthetically pleasing look on the street or in group fitness classes. Yes and at the beginning of such products will feel the smell of rubber (though only at the beginning of use, and after a couple of washings this “trouble” disappears altogether). The range of prices for breeches of different brands looks like this:

  • Hotshapers – from 1900 to 3500 rubles;
  • Vulkan – from 950 to 2000 rubles;
  • Liteweights from 700 to 1400 rubles;
  • Artemis – from 650 to 1,300 rubles.


Diana, 27 years. Bought breeches “Volcano” and very happy. Worn only for sports and Jogging, sometimes cleaning them do. The effect is excellent, climbed into my old jeans, the skin becomes smooth, orange peel decreased. By the way, have used all sorts of expensive anti-cellulite creams didn’t help. Use the pants for 3 months. The only drawback, should be hand washed, and do it often, because sweat is released very rapidly.

Olga, 32 years. Breeches “Artemis” me to lose weight has not helped. In the course of a month (was on vacation) wore them in the morning for three hours and in that time worked for race walking. The sauna effect I noticed was sweating a little in the first days, and then what they are, what they are not. Wasted money. Perhaps not your size I chose, I had to take less.

Inna, 35 years. Wanted slimming pants, and that’s acquired breeches “Hot shapers”. Extra weight is not delivered, however, cellulite has become less noticeable. I am very lazy, indifferent to sports and sweet love. A friend suggested that these pants don’t just need to walk and move actively. Probably going with the spirit and written to the fitness.


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