Summer is around the corner, come time for sandals and open shoes. Therefore legs should be well groomed, smooth and preferably with a pedicure. Stylish way consists of small parts, so you always have a neat nails, so that a clear image does not darkened by embarrassing blunders.
Яркий акцент для свежего образа
Perfect pedicure not necessarily the one that is made in an expensive salon. In any apartment there is a area to enjoy a pleasant procedure. It is possible to buy the wall stand for flowers, decorating her favorite bouquet of daisies, to light a couple of fragrant candles and enjoy the atmosphere of bliss. In a deep bowl pour warm water, add a little salt for baths and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Dip your feet in the water and relax for 10-15 minutes. Then RUB your foot brush exfoliation and towel dry. Now the skin became smooth and even, and you can proceed to the next step – the cuticle treatment.

Optimally to make every day a little massage cuticle with special oil or cream, then dry and cracked skin will never spoil pedicure. On a steamed skin around each nail apply and RUB. Then with a wooden stick, move the excess skin to the base of the nail and cut special nail scissors.

Cut your nails you straight, no cutting corners. Rasp nail plate should be slightly rounded edges. Before painting nail Polish, using special polishing puff.
Яркий акцент для свежего образа1,
Treat nail plate by means varnish remover. Use a separator for fingers, so as not to smear accidentally lacquer when applying. The first layer, apply the framework, it will protect your nails from fragility and pedicure will last longer.
The varnish should be applied precise movements, not causing him to the edge, so that the skin around the nail is left clean. When the two layers of varnish is dry, apply the top coat. So your nails additional gloss and long will look neat.

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