Fashion – girl changeable and capricious, and women do not always have time for it, but very much looking forward to this. Women’s nature to strive to be fashionable and stylish always to feel envious eyes of women and admiring glances from men. In order to be on top, you need to not only know what kind of clothes at the height of fashion, or how correctly to pick up accessories and footwear, and also take into account such things as hair, makeup and manicure.
Яркие тренды маникюра, или следим за модой
Fashion nails can deliver esthetic pleasure, not only as addition to exquisite along, but also to home clothes. Italian kitchen in modern style and fashion nails, will help to feel irresistible, even for cooking or washing dishes.
The main trends in the world of manicure:

  • white manicure, options with various decorative elements that help make this manicure more interesting and bright;
  • sudovy and lunar sudovy manicure, naturalness back in fashion, natural colours lacquer, creating the impression of their nails, but create a more interesting and add more saturated colors;
  • gradient manicure, allows you to combine pastel tones with bright, saturated, perfect for evening (you can run it from the glitter), business way, if you choose the right combination of shades
  • pastel colors in manicure one of the most fashionable trends, and to choose the most favourite color is not difficult, because all the brands please fashionistas a variety of pastel shades in their collections.

Яркие тренды маникюра, или следим за модой3
The main advantages of these options, manicure, not only because they are fashionable in this season, and their versatility and ease of implementation. Almost any kind of trend manicure can be done without any extra effort on their own, which is very good fashionistas who do not have the time or money to visit the beauty salon.

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