бронзирующая пудраBronzing powder or bronzer – cosmetic means to give your skin a natural soft terrace. To find a beautiful Golden tan, you don’t have to expose your face to the harmful effects of sunlight, you can purchase a suitable tone bronzer. Bronzer easily washed off by ordinary makeup remover. This cosmetic product is popular with women important to choose the bronzer, which will ideally fit your style and tone of the skin.

First of all, decide what exactly you need bronzing powder. Actually bronzer can perform several functions: it makes the skin smooth tanned tone, in some cases to highlight certain areas of the face. Бронзирующее means can be applied to the face, neck, body or on the cheeks blush instead. Having defined what exactly you want to achieve using the multi-hued, bronzing, you will be much easier to choose the optimal variant of this tool.


Types of funds бронзирующих

In cosmetic stores you can buy бронзаторы in the form of powder, cream, liquid, gel or spray. Consistency and formula бронзирующего tools should be selected based on the type of skin. If you have oily skin, smooth and soft tone she will give бронзаторы in the form of powder, cream бронзаторы are great for dry skin, moisturizing ingredients in the creams-bronzers protect the skin from drying out and provide additional hydration. If you want to get a smooth and a nice tan, and not only underline certain facial features, better to give preference бронзаторам with gel texture. Depending on the composition, бронзаторы provide Matt coating or tanning with a slight sheen. Matting funds look more natural, and бронзаторы with reflective particles give the skin a beautiful radiance.


Select tone

The color scheme of bronzers divided into several shades, the choice of the optimal бронзирующего funds depends on the natural tone of your skin. Lift the packaging with bronzers to face and look in the mirror. Perfect tone бронзирующего looks for a couple of shades darker than the natural skin tone. Those with very light skin, makeup artists recommend to choose the most soft and bright shades of bronzers, for example peach or honey. The skin of moderate tone perfect gold or pinkish shades, смуглокожим should not be afraid of copper and brown tones with a slight sheen. If you doubt the choice of tone, ask the seller-consultant.


Technics of drawing funds бронзирующего

бронзирующая пудраChoose the ideal one for you tone multi-hued, bronzing is half the battle, everything else you need to learn how to apply it. Always apply the bronzer on a clean person, after brushing the skin moisturizer.

The technique of multi-hued, bronzing depends on the consistency of funds. For example, for the application of бронзирующей powder you will need a large brush, preferably with natural bristle. Gel, cream and liquid бронзаторы convenient to put a cosmetic sponge or fingertips. Бронзирующее tool is always applied before applying mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. To get the effect of soft natural tan, apply bronzer on areas of the face where the reflected light, i.e. the middle of the forehead, the upper part of the cheeks, down the center of the nose and the tip of the chin. Do not cover бронзатором all person, otherwise you do not select separate zones, and just change the complexion.

If applied correctly bronzer can visually narrow face, for this tool is applied to the depression of the cheeks, temples and chin. With бронзирующими means, as with other kinds of decorative cosmetics, it is very important to comply with the measure. A thick layer of multi-hued, bronzing looks very unnatural on the skin tool acquires the orange color, is very far from the tones of natural terrace.


Бронзирующее tool own hands

бронзирующая пудраIf you do not trust ready бронзирующим funds or for some other reason, prefer natural cosmetics, бронзирующее tool it is possible to cook at home simple and available ingredients.

Home recipe difficult to give an exact dosage of ingredients, it all depends on the natural skin tone, all we need is a cinnamon and sugar powder. If you have dark skin or you want to get bronzer darker, just add more cinnamon.

As a multi-hued, bronzing cinnamon can be used in pure form, if you like the smell of the spices, try it sometime it is just a means. In home bronzer you can also add the nutmeg, Mace, nutmeg – the perfect remedy for prevention and treatment of acne. Home bronzer should be applied in a very thin layer, mix of spices and powders turns out to be quite rich in color, so too thick layer will look hard and unnatural.

So, what do we need for the preparation of our home multi-hued, bronzing:

  • Ground cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Coconut powder
  • Powdered sugar
  • A small tank with a lid or an empty container from the compact of cosmetic products
  • Essential oils (lavender, rose, rosemary)

Mix all ingredients until smooth and place in a container.

If you want to get bronzer in the form of a crumbly powder, essential oils to add is not worth it. Oil gives a mixture of more viscous texture. Bronzer with essential oils can be placed in an empty pack of compact powder previously thoroughly washed her and dry.

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