автозагарIn our day to acquire a beautiful tan without leaving the house, it is important to choose the perfect bronzer tool and learn how to apply bronzer.

The secret of perfect self-tan is in several stages, first of all, it is recommended to determine the texture and formula of the product, picking product meets the needs of your skin.

There is a huge amount of bronzer funds, sometimes to achieve a perfect result on different parts of the skin are tools with different textures and composition. However, in everyday life it is more convenient to use one tool for the right application it does not affect the final result.


Types of tanning

  • Tan with moisturizing effect

Low dioxooleana (DHA) in a moisturizing procedure allows to achieve a uniform tan, gradually bringing shade to perfection. This tool should be applied to the skin daily. Moisturizers effect the bronzer is the perfect choice for those who are just beginning to use such means.

  • Bronzer napkins

If you want to give the skin a light tan impregnated with tanning wipes, exactly what you need. Simply unfold the napkin and wipe her face. These wipes are very convenient to use, using this type of tanning cream, you need not be afraid to apply too much pigment. Ideal for beginners and those who don’t have time to “work on the bugs”.
Bronzing creams and body lotions

Lotions and creams with the effect of tanning allow you to control the uniformity of application of such tools will appeal to both beginners and those who frequent tanning. Thanks to its formula, this bronzer is not immediately absorbed into the skin easily and shade.

  • Tanning in the form of mousses and gels

Gels and mousses with the effect of tanning have a delicate texture, easy to apply and dry quickly. These tools are ideal for creating contour and uniform deposition, the density of which is easy to control. As mousses and gels quickly absorbed, for applying this type of tanning requires a certain skill.

  • Tanning – spray

Sprays are good for quick coverage of large areas of skin; it is important to use the correct technique of application: spray should be kept at about 15 cm from the skin and apply in a circular motion. Sprays are convenient for processing hard-to-reach places, like the back. Sprays cover the skin with a thin layer of bronzer funds, such funds are ideal for a light, natural coverage.

Means for tanning do not penetrate deep into the skin, working on the surface of the skin, in fact it is the layer of dead skin cells, which is removed during processing of skin exfoliating tool. Increased pigmentation and change the skin tone to darker occurs as a result of interaction of the primary active component of self-tanning – dioxooleana (DHA) with amino acids in the cells of the epidermis. Accordingly, artificial tanning affects only the most superficial layers of skin cells. Thus, for the beautiful is equal to tan fairly uniform surface application of bronzer, and to correct excessive or uneven coatings carefully enough to handle the skin exfoliating tool.


How to apply bronzer

Bronzer tool should be applied on a perfectly cleansed the prepared skin. Swipe the hair, clean skin scrub, and apply moisturizer. Not recommended all these procedures take place immediately before coating of skin tanning. To tan lay evenly, start exfoliating treatments for several days before applying the bronzer. The skin must be moist, moisturizing lotion or cream should be well absorbed, only then can you apply bronzer. Apply bronzing slow careful movements and distribute it evenly on your skin.

Special attention should be paid to areas such as knees, elbows, feet and neck, the skin in these areas more susceptible to artificial pigment, so to shade bronzer here should be particularly carefully.

Tint tanning allow you to control the distribution of funds. In this case, the bronzer as body lotion is more profitable than the means in the form of foams, the latter is very dry quickly and is difficult to adjust the coverage, if necessary.

If you decide to try a new brand of tanning, start with a lighter shade. If you are unhappy with the intensity of the sun, with mild and moderate shades you can easily make the skin darker. If you use bronzer is too dark tint, and moreover do not have sufficient skills qualitative application of this tool on the skin, instead of an even tan on your skin may appear ugly orange spots. To avoid this, experts recommend to connect the tan with moisturizing cream or lotion for the body, mix these ingredients until a homogeneous hue.

Unfortunately, the use of exfoliating not only corrects uneven application or too dark tone of the suntan, but also erases the sun, which we are quite happy with. How to increase the firmness and duration of artificial tanning? In order bronzing please you for as long as possible, refrain from shaving her legs in the next 48 hours after you have done bronzing agent. On resistance tanning negatively affect long baths and swimming pools with chlorinated water. In principle, you should avoid anything that leads to peeling of the top layer of the epidermis or react with the active ingredients of tanning.

Orange palms and feet is one of the most common side effects of tanning. The skin on the hands is not painted in orange color, apply bronzer in gloves, it’s best to do it in gloves latex. We have to admit that gloves are hampering the application of tanning, so if you are not confident that they will cope with a covering skin bronzer in gloves, it is better to abandon them. Just a few times in the process of applying self tan wash your hands thoroughly.

Do not wear clothes at least 15 minutes after applying self tan, let the tool is well absorbed into the skin and dry up.

Fix the sun and accelerate the drying by using a hair dryer, turning it on cold airflow. Covered by tanning the skin is better not to wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics, in this case it is better to give preference to things made of light, breathable fabrics such as cotton.

To tan lasted longer, daily moisturize the skin cream or milk, the resistance of tanning depends on its formula, as a rule, the effect persists for three to seven days.

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