коричневые тени для векIf you really love brown eyeshadow, you could apply them on the entire eyelid. Use cream metal shade, if you are a beginner in makeup. You can even use two different shades to get a double color effect. After using the cream base finger, apply shadow on the lid.


Examples of makeup

Brown gives a softer look, but he surely lacks drama. Apply a matte brown shadow on the lid, lightly lining the lower lash line. Brown and red go well, so take the red eyeliner (if you find it) or the red shadow and a very fine brush eye liner and paint the upper and lower lash line, blending the two colors together.

On the border of the light brown shadow there are dark creamy shades and gold metal, both look amazing with plum lip color. After easy application brush cream shadows as bases, (which will also help your eyeliner stay on all day long) use with gold metal shade shadow or eyeliner to line the lower lash line. Apply the same product on the upper lash line, but mix it with the shadows a little bit. A superb collection of metallic shades Stila – the selection of the winner. As for the lipstick, you have the space to really choose seductive shade. Light brown shade with iridescent basis look great with pink cheeks. Express lashes are plain and don’t do eyeliner for a natural look.


Examples of brands

Use two or three colors-shadows – brown, gold and brick-red shade to create the Ombre effect on the eyelids. Apply the Golden shade on the inner half and the corner of the eyelid for a little glow and to draw attention to the eyes. Try shades from the palette Laura Geller The Wearables Color Story. Orange and brown shades red lipstick more attractive. Use of such gray-brown shade in the eye shadow from MAC in Omega. Apply a minimum of mascara and don’t do eyeliner, finishing the look by a touch of cherry red lipstick shade.


Makeup Smokey eyes

What is your classic passionate way? Brown eyeshadow, makeup lips, a little powder and smeared black eyeliner. Try to use a black eye pencil instead of liquid eyeliner, so you can easily blend eyeliner and eyeshadow without much dirt.

Smokey eyes and brown eyeliner with a metallic sheen is a favorite on the red carpet and beyond. It’s the perfect choice for both day and night. Of course, you can decorate your image lots of mascara or false eyelashes.


Dignity brown shadows

Almost every set of eye shadow there is at least one or two brown. No doubt, brown is a neutral shade, but don’t make it boring. Less severe than black and darker than grey, brown eyeshadow is extremely underrated product cosmetics. And it goes well with almost any color, making the color of each lipstick special and puts almost any skin tone in a favorable light.

For inspiration, use these tips and tricks and you’ll get the awesome looks with brown eye shadow. Also use skincare products that will not disappoint you.

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