кисть для тонального кремаBrush for creams – it is a tool that has long been a professional make-up artists, while at home women have continued to apply the product with your fingers or use a sponge. Now accessories makeup accessible to all, and those who never had the opportunity to use them, now interested in the methods of application and characteristics of different types of such components. Use a brush for Foundation will be successful only if you know how to use a specific type and, in some cases, impose with it a certain type of tone means.


Advantages of applying Foundation with a brush

Some women do not consider for themselves the brush for Foundation, confident that they are well able to cope with this task manually. Of course, any woman who has some experience in the daily makeup, good leveling complexion, hiding all the flaws, shading liquid Foundation with your fingers. But it’s not just skill, because the brush makeup offers a number of benefits for the skin.

  • First, it is more hygienic. It is no secret that if you constantly get in touch with a Foundation in the package, it starts the reproduction of bacteria, which then remain on the skin. All that provoke inflammation, preway rash, unhealthy skin color. Brush application in this sense more secure, but provided that you will keep it clean and regularly washed.
  • Secondly, the brush allows you to apply the Foundation evenly and tone, and texture. I’m sure many girls are faced with such a problem, especially if the skin is dry and bumpy. The Foundation, which is distributed by the fingers, can leave stains and tracks, especially if it is thick. If you have selected the right brush, you can avoid this problem.


Types of brushes for Foundation

кисть для тонального кремаBrush for creams are made from natural and synthetic fibers. Most importantly, what distinguishes them from other brushes for makeup – for applying toners of the desired dense texture, but it should not be hard and scratchy on the tips. To combine both of these requirements in a completely natural pile is rarely possible, so many brands produce excellent synthetic brushes, and their origin should not scare or alert. Powder brush preferably natural, but the Foundation it is better to put high-quality synthetic hair.

Another argument in favor of synthetic brushes – they do not absorb liquid Foundation, as do natural. Not every girl is ready, after having spent on expensive liquid Foundation, to leave a significant part of the brush, which will be reluctant to share with the skin. In addition, a brush made of natural bristle wear out faster because of the need washing, they wear out and are much less.

  • Flat brush with rounded tip

This brush will be in the range of any brand that produces these accessories. In appearance it resembles the blade, moderately flat, but not very thin, rounded, the pile is not short, but not very long. This brush can be considered universal, and it is desirable to have as a base.

The Kabuki brush for Foundation reminds voluminous brush for powder, but in contrast it has a flat surface. This brush is not flat, but not fluffy, which is necessary for ease and uniformity of application of the tone the skin. The Kabuki brush can be absolutely straight and smooth, and the beveled surface for application. It can also be fan-shaped or smooth cylindrical. Differences in the application of creams or the other kind of brush is not, and the choice of type, rather a matter of individual facilities.

Narrow brush can be short or longer hair, more rounded or pointed tip. Such brushes need for uniform application of tonal resources in remote places, for example in the area of the nose or under the eyes.


Applying Foundation with a brush

кисть для тонального кремаHow to apply concealer brush largely depends on the type of pile, and from the consistency of cosmetics. The denser texture of Foundation, and the consistency is thick, the thicker must be the hairs in the brush, otherwise the cream will fall unevenly. Not for thick cream to take soft brush with natural hair, she may not be able to cope with its distribution in the skin.

Apply concealer with a brush only need to pre-moistened skin, first, protecting it, and secondly, creating the right smooth “canvas” for decorative cosmetics.

Put liquid Foundation on the back of your hand or other clean surface. Apply product on the brush in small movements, but do not dip it entirely, so that means there isn’t too many, and so it is not dripping. Apply Foundation on the face with the Central part, because the shading should go in hand to the contours of the face.

Apply the product with a soft short strokes, moving from the centre of the forehead and going down through the nose to the chin, but leaving every once in hand – from the bridge of the nose and wings of the nose moving under the eyes.

Disguised under the eyes, help yourself with your fingertips, work the Foundation and necessary, taking away its surplus with the lashline and mucous membranes. If the tool on the hand ends and the brush moves stiffly, still apply, but very moderately.

After you put the tone on the face, do not forget about the chin. Optional apply the product and on the neck too, but it is important to distribute it so that was not noticeable border between the visible contour of the lower jaw and the skin below. Gently, you can not renewing amount of makeup on the brush, soften her tone down, lubricating the border.

Applying a layer of Foundation, you can carefully walk the face of the brush again, but not dipped in cream, but only shading already applied layer, helping tone look natural.


Wash brushes for Foundation

Brush for Foundation should be washed daily, so that the next time the application it was absolutely clean, and it did not accumulate bacteria. To do this it is easy, moreover, that at the present time there are special cleaners and disinfectants for hands. They will definitely need if you have purchased an expensive brush, and, of course, you want it to be served as long as possible. The brush can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in the remedy. They can also be washed under running water, causing a bit of mild liquid soap, but gently, not rcpusa pile. To disinfect the brush can be used chlorhexidine, lap pile cloth.

Sushis brush for Foundation only need a natural way, because any high-impact would be destructive influence on the pile. To dry them better without fleecy top, as so many do, and Vice versa, so that the liquid flowed down into the handle. It is best to put the brush on a horizontal surface, leaving a handle on it, and fleecy part in limbo.

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