кисти для макияжаBrushes for make-up will help to underline your beauty. Although many of us are only using the brush, blush, there are many other brushes of various shape and size. For us, it remains a mystery what brush to choose and for which part of the person it is intended. Do we need this amount of hands?

What villi prefer synthetic or natural? Is there a difference between them? Have a brush with natural, synthetic and combined pile.

Brush with natural fibers of wool goats or squirrel fur, suitable for loose cosmetics. Brush with synthetic pile use for drawing creamy cosmetics: lipstick, Foundation or funds from dark circles under the eyes.


How to properly care for your brushes for makeup

кисти для макияжаOnce a week clean the lint from the remnants of cosmetics, it will extend their service life. One well-known dermatologist said that all that comes into contact with the skin (brush up our hands must be clean, because all this can be a distributor of bacteria and viruses.

Before applying make-up, wash your hands, clean lint using shampoo or detergent. Be careful not to wet the ring, holding the villi. You should rinse the brush in warm water. Remove excess water can pressing the brush to the edge of the sink, but not much, so as not to distort it. Thoroughly brush in the towel to give it to dry. Remove the brush from the folded towels so that villi looked down, and with your fingers give them their original form.



кисти для макияжа

  • Usually powder brush the bulk of all, with the exception of a Kabuki brush. Powder brush made of soft and thick fibers with a rounded shape, it is used for mixing and applying powder or removal of its surplus. It is perfect for applying mineral powder on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Makeup artists also use it for applying powder-bronzat.
  • Blusher brush, medium size, round shape with soft and thick fibers. You can also use it for applying powder-bronzat and concealer.
  • If you want to have only one eye shadow brush, professionals are advised to purchase a brush with soft bristles, with thick and rounded tip.
  • Slash brush for eyebrows and eye contour is powder puff for eyebrows or shading of eyebrow pencil. Flat and thick fibers, it is possible to apply blush, eyeshadow on the eye contour.
  • A small adjustment brush in the shape of the shoulder and gently pointed end, allows you to hide the dark circles under the eyes.
  • Rounded and dense brush is used for applying powder eyeshadow on their fold.
  • Brush Foundation is medium in size with a thick and dense pile-shaped blade with a rounded tip.
  • Thin brush, eye contour underlines them along the lash line. You can also put it a cream for eye contour or blush for a century.
  • The brush of the lips is used to study outline and applying lipstick.
  • Fan brush is used for applying powder or removal of surplus of shadows with age.
  • Slash brush Foundation is used for crisp, compact or liquid Foundation.

Buying brushes, do not pay attention to the price. The high price is not to say good quality. Ask to see her better. Please note that the brush with a rounded tip villi were the same length. Try a slightly pull them if hairs fall out or they are rough to the touch, do not buy this brush. You can perform the following test. Gently push the brush on the back of the hand. If fibers are borne equally, if you rotate the brush, do not hesitate in his choice.

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