кисточки для макияжаArsenal professional makeup artist has a couple of dozen different brushes for makeup, but those who are not preparing models for fashion shows, and does no make-up movie stars, are unlikely to need such a huge number of instruments. The ordinary man is sometimes difficult to master all the brushes for makeup, no wonder that on this occasion always raises many questions.

Most professional make-up artists recognize that their mastery more than half is in the presence of high-quality brushes. Think for yourself, did the great van Gogh create their masterpieces, if he doesn’t have good brushes for painting?


Brush makeup

This brush should be rounded, fluffy and flat with the tips of synthetic bristles. It is evenly растушевывает basis, masking enlarged pores other disadvantages. Take the brush a small quantity of a basis and in a circular motion apply the base on the skin. Start with cheeks, gradually moving to the hairline.


Brush powder

To work with the powder, you need a soft, large round brush with natural bristle. If you regularly use loose powder without such a brush you just can not do. Firstly, with the help of powder is spent more efficiently, secondly, have a more natural and uniform layer. Dip the brush in powder, shake off excess and, following the natural contours of the face, gently apply powder on the skin.


Brush for applying powder and multi-hued, bronzing

Brush for applying powder should not be too large and bulky otherwise blush fall on areas of the face, and to which they do not usually cause. Choose a small brush with dome-rounded tip of soft natural bristle. This brush fine cheekbones, soft and long bristle does not damage the basic coverage or pre-printed concealer. Blush can also be applied and contour brush, it is smaller than the classic brush, blush, but little more than a shadow brush.


Brush for applying eyeshadow

Expressive eyes important in any makeup. Select a suitable shade of shadows is half the battle, not less important to apply the correct brush. Eye shadow makeup artists are advised to pick up a small, rigid brush oval in shape, with a wide, flat tip. A tassel is convenient to cover the shadows zone under the brow and slightly pointed tip will highlight beautiful corners of the eyes. For feathering shadows you may need to brush flower-shaped soft natural material. Using a brush, you can very carefully put color on a fold of rolling century. Dip the brush into the shadows, capturing their small number, shake off the excess, then the tip of the brush blend color, moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.


Brush, eyebrow and eyeliner

If you want your eyebrows look well-groomed and neat, but it’s natural подрисовывайте them not in pencil and brush with a small amount of powder. Tassel especially useful to summarize the eyebrows with high sharp bend. Eyebrow should choose a brush with a thin oblique NIB synthetic or natural material, this form allows you to draw to a soft, natural line and give eyebrows beautiful form, in addition it is perfect for eyeliner.


Concealer and brush for its application

To disguise the deficiencies of the skin and applying concealer you need a flat, dense brush cone form. Dense and elastic seta allows to apply the precise brushstrokes, and the flat shape of the tip is ideally растушевывает tool. By the way, brush for applying the mask tools can be successfully replaced with brush for lipstick.


Brush for applying lipstick

A tassel should be small, flat, with rounded tips. After lineation, take the brush to a small number of lipstick and start to put her on the lips, starting from the center and moving to the corners of his mouth.


Natural material or synthetic?

Left to decide what material should be made perfect brushes for makeup. Natural bristles (often, the goat wool sable or pony is extremely soft and pleasant to the skin, such brushes are ideal for the application of powder, cream powder and eyeshadow. For wax, gel or cream texture experts recommend using brushes made from synthetic materials, mainly plastic or acrylic, synthetic materials absorb less funds, so the make-up base or concealer will last you much longer. Advantages of both types of brushes perfectly combine the brush of a mixed bristle.


Density, elasticity and size

A touch of makeup brushes should be not only soft and pleasant. Good quality makeup brushes – not cheap, but such a purchase is justified, if you care about own appearance. By the way, when it comes to such instruments, size really matters. Eyeshadow impossible to apply too large brush, a narrow and short brush – it is not suitable for work with powder and blush.


How to care for makeup brushes

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly, proper care helps to prolong the brushes life, remove all the germs and bacteria. Cleaning brushes you can use a special tool or regular shampoo. In half a Cup of water, add a drop of shampoo, thoroughly dissolve it, then immerse in the resulting solution brush, rinse them, and then thoroughly rinse with clean water. Dry brush should be in a horizontal position, if dry brush standing water can get into the metal case, where the bristles are attached. If the water will dissolve the glue, your brush can quickly losing his hair».

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