жемчужные ванныWhirlpool baths are another form of hydrotherapy. If you think that you will be offered a tub with heaps of pearls, or at least with the presence of mother of pearl, then you are sadly mistaken. Pearl baths is a purely associative definition.


At the bottom of the bath is lattice, inside which there is a metal tube with holes and in these holes passes the pressurized compressor air. The air creates bubbles, similar to pearls, hence the name “bubble bath”. Jets of water saturated with air bubbles provide a soft massage and relaxing effect. For maximum effect bubble bath is best taken in the supine position.


The therapeutic effect

Bubble baths used in the treatment and prevention of variety of diseases and disorders:

  • functional disorders of the nervous system
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • the first stage of hypertension
  • stress
  • of metabolic disorders
  • a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle

Regular bubble baths stimulate blood circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve back pain, reduce the manifestation of rheumatic symptoms, such baths most positively affect the state of the nervous system, eliminate insomnia and stress effects.

Spas whirlpool baths are widely used as a component of anti-cellulite programs, as well as courses aimed at weight decline.



The temperature of the water in a pearl bath does not exceed 35-36 C, duration of procedure is 10-15 minutes. The therapeutic course usually consists of 12-15 procedures carried out daily or every other day. In a pearl bath, you can add any aromatic oil or marine salt, again with or without scent. After the bath the skin is recommended to apply moisturizing lotion or cream, to just sit, relax, listen to music or read a magazine within 30-50 minutes.



Bubble baths, and any other type of hydrotherapy, accompanied by a number of contraindications. This condition such as:

  • acute inflammatory processes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • the second and third stages of hypertension
  • fungal infections
  • thrombophlebitis
  • skin diseases, which are accompanied by purulent lesions

Despite the fact that pregnancy and varicose veins are not contraindications to the course bubble baths, to undergo such procedures should only after consulting your doctor.

Bubbles bubble baths provide a relaxing effect by acting on the Central nervous system, bubble baths to relax muscles, eliminate stagnation in the muscles, stimulate metabolism and improve circulation of blood and lymph in the body.

Pearl baths is a miracle that allows you to restore inner balance and be freed from bad thoughts, to relax and have fun. Is it possible to feel different when around you play thousands similar to real pearls of bubbles?

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