деловая одежда для женщинDespite the fact that the image of a business woman associated with the suit of jacket and skirt and points in a rectangular frame, business clothes for women time does not stand still and develops.


Feminine style

Fashion, trends, things that you don’t stop buying and sliderule on the shelves, it tells you about something? Things with prints, you don’t know how to combine with other items of clothing or jeansthat you adore, but don’t know how you can wear different…

Easy to understand tips you can pick up your own style. Closet must be properly matched. Items should be in harmony among themselves in color.

Sometimes in the morning much easier and faster to dress in all black. Exquisitely? If you dress like this every day, much pleasure and originality it will not do. Try at first to replace the black pants with grey or dark blue model. Then try a print blouse under a dark blazer, if so you will feel more confident. Black clothes you can refresh a pair of bright shoes, red or leopard, for example.

Femininity is not only in a skirt. Soft blouse, jewelry, earrings or necklace, and your outfit looks completely different. Sometimes it is enough to shorten the pants a bit to open the ankle and add a beautiful decoration to complete the look understated lip.

Some women find that their way does not reflect their status at work because of the teenage figure. In this case, it is necessary to work over the top of clothing, as during communication in this area pay attention. For example, pick a jacket of a square shape, which retains its shape and opens the neck. Again, there is no obligation. To feel comfortable in the clothes that you like can give the confidence which you lacked.


The nuances

If you have large Breasts, do not wear too deep neckline. If you have a skinny figure at the top, use a belt.

If you want to differ from others, enough to change a few details in your image. Due to the small accessories you can give your way of originality. Do you like brooches? Purchase two identical and pin on each side of the collar of your shirt or blouse. If you wear the same jacket for the whole season, can change the lining colour or pattern.

Gather your hair, change your lipstick, tuck a blouse into pants, wear a nice belt… the Image is created due to the details that distinguish you from others. Little by little you will begin to experiment with more original images, without losing the real sense of fashion.

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