деловое платье для полных женщинThe fullness of the figure doesn’t seem a disadvantage, if it is designed with aesthetics. In your daily life in a way easy to play, trying on his clothes a different cut and different prints that hide the curvy shape. In a formal setting to file such forms beautiful many is problematic due to the narrowing of the selection of appropriate versions of the cut, materials and shades. Business dress for fat women is not necessarily simple and artless model flat colors. This kind of gown can be trendy, stylish and highlight the feminine shape and fit into the wardrobe of a true professional.



деловое платье футляр для полных женщинConsidering office dresses for fat women, it is impossible to ignore such a model as dress, you can wear a jacket, fully completing the image of a professional and covering arms. Dress from the category of plus size should be rounded or not very accurate deep V-neck, but not tightly zapahnut the neck, which increases the size of the figure and makes it fuller. Silhouette dresses-bodycon – semilying, but not tight.

Adjust the shape will help the insert in the form of wide strips of contrasting color in the middle – it allows you to visually narrow the figure without extra accessories. If the dress code allows it, you can spice up your office style with dresses bodycon ruffles at hem skirts that cover the knees. The dress did not look too frivolous, do not go beyond the classic business scale – black, gray, dark blue.


Form-fitting dress with V-neck

деловое приталенное платье для полных женщинUnlike dresses bodycon, which has a simple cut and similar in shape to a rectangle, there are other business models dresses for full that will fit women with more features regarding the dress code. One such option is a dress with V-neck and marked waist, which can be located both standard and higher under the breast. This kind of dress allows on the one hand, to highlight the female figure, and on the other hand, emphasizes individuality.

Choosing a similar model, do not overdo it with the pursuit of femininity, the dress should not greatly focus on your forms. To avoid this, choose a thick cloth, neutral subdued color. Dress should not draw attention to Breasts or round hips, to avoid this, select the adjacent silhouette, which prevents wrapping and unnecessary denudation.


Shirt dress

деловое платье рубашка для полных женщинShirt dress is a great style of business casual, it combines and efficiency, and a certain freedom inherent in everyday style. Shirt dress for overweight women should be sewn from thick fabric neutral color. It is suitable for office work in the warmer months, as it has short sleeves. Professional image is underlined clear wide lapels sleeveless concise and simple buttons. Adjacent silhouette with dense tissue will not allow to stress roundness, and a wide strap or belt creates the impression of clarity and discipline of the image – what you need real professional.


Straight dress with three quarter sleeve

деловое прямое платье с рукавом три четверти для полных женщинThis version of the dress is suitable for those women who do not want to emphasize features of the silhouette and draw attention to its fullness. Of course, it’s less formal and more loose-fitting, but he’s allowed a full woman if dress code in the office is not too strict.

These requirements fit of the dress is made of thick wool, mixed fabrics with viscose or even of thick Jersey. The secret is in the cut of the dress – it can be straight or slightly extended trapezoidal. Sleeves – three quarter neck round or V-shaped, but not deep. The cutting dresses for business women already bold enough, so you need to stick to muted colors and not too much details like ruffles, patch pockets, collar-yoke or textured binding, if it is the Jersey.

This gown is a big plus – it fits the shape, so that allows women to feel more confident. Not to make an image of a casual and relaxed wear under it classic pumps heel or high boots made of quality leather or suede without unnecessary decorative details.


Dress balloon

деловое платье баллон для полных женщинDress balloon – another option for creating an image in the style business-casual. It is close in design to the previous discussed models, but instead of a rectangle or trapezoid in the torso this dress hugs the figure oblong oval-cylinder. Business dress in the cylinder also must be as simple as possible by tailoring, not to be discordant with office style. It is great for winter and autumn, the model with billonaires skirt is perfectly combined with cowl neckline, long fitting sleeves and pronounced high waist.

To dress balloon for office did not look pretentious, choose only monochrome models made of smooth fabric and wear them with classic shoes. Avoid high collars, if you have a large chest and short neck.


Dress with peplum

деловое платье с баской для полных женщинThe peplum was not just a decoration of dress and “twist”, which can transform any, even the simplest model. The peplum on smooth dress plays a dual role: first, it makes the image look, secondly, typical of many hides fat women fat cushions, called “lifeline”.

Business dress peplum is a dress without sleeves, and a dress with long sleeves. The peplum can be the same color as the dress or completely contrast with it. the main requirement to it – it should not be very wide, hard that visually will further enhance the hips. Also, do not choose dresses with short Basques, which is a strong wave and literally worth it – she must delicately cover the problem area of the figure, not diverting much attention.

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