Business woman needs to always look your best. Her image needs to be perfect in everything: hairstyle, clothing style complemented with matching accessories, and, of course, manicure. The hands are always in the spotlight colleagues and carefully-chosen image is so easy to spoil a broken tip of the nail or inappropriate nail Polish color. How to make the image was complete and worked for his owner?
Business style is a classic combination of everything. For example, never go out of fashion pants for women to buy classic should every business woman. This win-win situation for both office work and meetings with clients in the restaurant. This item of clothing will give the image of rigor, still it will fit any variant of the business manicure.

Well-groomed skin

The most important criterion for creating successful women are well-groomed skin of the hands. To achieve the desired result using Spa-treatments: baths with oils and herbs, applications of paraffin, moisturizing creams and masks. Special attention should be paid to the cuticle. If not cared, she begins to peel off, which leads to the formation of burrs. This appearance of nails can ruin even the most exquisite manicure.


Too long nails — the choice to visit the club, not the office. Besides, excessive length hinders the work with documents and office equipment. The free edge should be no longer than a quarter of the total length of the nail plate.


As for the palette, it is best to choose natural lucky colors: cream, pink, white hue. Looks good manicure with wine color or brown hues. This focus will visually lengthen the nail and will not look defiantly.

You can combine several shades of nail Polish, if they are in the same color palette, for example, highlight the tip of the nail.

Very popular in the business environment enjoys French manicure due to its versatility. He fits every occasion and every style.
Укрепление ногтей биогелем 4
The shape of the nails in this case may be completely different, but not necessarily for this manicure to focus on the tip of the nail.

If the pace of life is very loaded, it is possible to increase the nails from acrylic. This manicure lasts three weeks and eliminates daily adjustments. A huge number of varnishes for acrylic nails will allow you to pick the soft option, and this manicure has the ability to inflict charm, exquisite picture.
Возрастной маникюр
Manicure for women are much important than any accessories, because first of all pay attention to the hands. Also beautiful hands — it’s self-confidence and her power.

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