покупка бюстгальтераIn accordance with your physique properly fitted bra can guarantee a good breast support. Actually it’s not such a simple task. More than 25% of women buy the model, not the size. But learn the six basic rules, and buying a bra for you will be a simpler choice.


Check your size.

During the time I need to change my bra size. As a result of pregnancy, diet, breast developing, so we recommend you regularly monitor the size.


Cup size

Do not proceed only on the size of the cups, into account should be taken and girth of the breast.



Immediately after the purchase of a bra, zip it on the first hook. Over time, the bra loses its elasticity, and you can use other fasteners.


The shape of the breast

The shape of the cups varies depending on the shape of the breast. If you by nature firmer Breasts that perfectly holds its shape, problems when choosing a bra does not occur. If the Breasts are conical, not every bra will fit. You need to choose a bra that will take the shape of the breast.


A choice

Not necessary to wear every day the same bra, otherwise it will lose its elasticity. A little trick that you can use to keep this same elasticity, bra wash in cold water.


Proper care

If you properly wear and care for the bra, it can last you at least eight months. Better if in your wardrobe will be at least 6-7 different bras.

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