Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy goods in Internet – shops. First, it is convenient to not have to spend time for the trip, and searching for the right product. Secondly relatively inexpensive. Due to the low cost and the content of the online store, the prices here are much lower.

To foreign Internet shops were your best friends, you must follow several rules:
Покупаем в зарубежных интернет - магазинах3
1. First come to the search engine and find there the list of the necessary sites. Most often, the payment is done by credit card, the level of Visa Classic.
Usually buyers to make purchases in us shops, at least European. For payment, make sure that on your map lie dollars or euros. In order to avoid unpleasant situations with calculations consult banking specialists, and what types of cards they can advise for electronic transfers.

2.Определившись with the selection of goods, fill in the order form, specifying all of their data. Be sure to read and cost and terms of delivery.

3. Pay for the purchase. There are several payment options: cash, credit card. Becoming increasingly widespread payment system PayPal. Using the services of this system, the customer has the right to a refund, in case of non-receipt of the parcel. The scheme operates for forty-five days from the date of calculation.

4.Определитесь with the method of delivery of the goods. Possible to deliver the goods of private (from 3 to 7 days) or state (7-21 days) service.

5. Passing the border and customs clearance. For receiving of parcel filled customs Declaration. Then for three weeks, there is a direct customs clearance of the goods.
Покупаем в зарубежных интернет - магазинах
Delivery of civil service under the weight less than 50 kg and costing less than 200 euros, shipping is free. If there is a failure in any of these conditions, are paid duty and sales tax in the amount of up to 20 % of the mandatory payments.

6. Bring purchases home. This step is the most pleasant and welcome.

Following these rules, shopping in foreign online store will be easy and simple!

Article publication date: November 4, 2013

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