покупка свадебного платьяBuying a wedding dress is interesting, exciting and enjoyable event, as it must be one of the most important events in your life that you will never forget. However, if you have any problems with making decisions, if you don’t feel that you have found the ideal option, or you have already visited twenty-shops and cursed everything, take advantage of useful tips for choosing a dress that will facilitate your pre-holiday bustle.


Do not engage the search dresses too many people

покупка свадебного платьяWe’ve all heard so many horror stories about brides who came to the salon with her mother, grandmother, sister and friend and through the words of those close relatives and friends realized that neither one dress can not be considered perfect. Remember that abundance of opinions you will only do harm, so as to please everyone will not work. So choose his assistants wisely.

Find out (if you still don’t know), what is their opinion about what suits you. And not engage the choice of people who primarily consider their own ideas, interests and concerns, and generally mentally try on the dress to you, but for yourself. This is your wedding dress. The most important thing is that you feel. Don’t live a fantasy or fashion other people.


Do not give internal limitations and not close from experiments

покупка свадебного платьяYou probably saw the dress in wedding magazines to get an idea of the style that will suit you. Important warning: do not get hung up on style until you have tried a variety of silhouettes, cuts, textures (lace, beading, and so on) and shades of white.

Often dress dream journal is not flattering to your body type. For starters, try a few silhouettes. This will help determine what brings the figure in the most favorable light. Having defined the General cut, proceed to consider the various cuts, colors and textures.


Be judicious and not only infinitely happy

покупка свадебного платьяBefore you start to fantasize about their wedding dress, decide on the style and vision of the wedding itself – including time, place, and theme. If you buy a dress before just decide these important ingredients, you may have to buy a second dress, because the first is not suited to prevailing circumstances. Believe me, it happens more often than you think.

First of all, remind yourself that you should not rush and enjoy the moments wedding bustle. Enlist the help of a close friend or family member whose opinion you trust. They will help to avoid pressure from sellers (and maybe your family). Do not rush and do not be embarrassed to try on dozens of options for different dresses as you really feel when you find “that thing”.


Learn how to stay

покупка свадебного платьяStop walking on wedding salons and to consider the catalogs after you have found “the same dress”. Following this advice, you will not be disappointed. This tip will save you from the disappointment of their dress or from additional spending on another favourite model.


Do not exceed the budget

You probably already have an idea of how much you want to pay for the dress of their dreams. Whether your budget ten thousand or a hundred thousand, try to stick to it. It makes no sense to go to the store and try on dresses that clearly do not fit into the established framework, it will only spoil the mood. Also, do not forget to include additional costs such as services dressmaker, adapting dress.

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