с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовыйTurquoise is one of the most popular hues for summer. He is very expressive and self-sufficient even in the very light versions, so always attracts. In a company it is possible to pick up as bright shades, and neutral – and with those, and with other turquoise in clothing are sure to find a common language, showing the world a new and stylish way. What color is combined turquoise is best and who fit such a combination?

Turquoise is always a cold shade that represents one of the versions of blue, smoothly transitioning into green. The most successful combination of turquoise succeed with bright shades and they fit the girls of spring and summer color type. Blondes bright turquoise suitable in General more than brunettes, if you wear it in the upper area of the body, the face. Tanned brunette tolerate bright, saturated variants turquoise, and so they need to bet in matching.

Turquoise many degrees of saturation and hues, so any girl can find it for yourself. If you are a brown hair with fair skin, try to take the turquoise in the lower part of the body, placing the person something less flashy. Fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde shows turquoise in person – he clearly emphasizes the beauty of nature, highlighting the eyes.


Turquoise and pink

Whatever light or bright nor was turquoise, there is always the fuchsia, which will be her emotional company. The combination of turquoise and pink is the new classic fashion for spring and summer, you can try on any girl.

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Алессандра Амброзио

Alessandra Ambrosio

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Дайан Крюгер

Diane Kruger

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Кэмерон Диас

Cameron Diaz

Alessandra Ambrosio combined pale turquoise tunic with a bright pink scarf. Diane Kruger chose a sleek look with a black crop top and pants with pink and turquoise floral print. Cameron Diaz wore turquoise jewelry in addition to crimson dress.


Turquoise and yellow

Another great summer combination. In contrast to the combination of blue and yellow, turquoise forms an Alliance with him more natural, because turquoise is a mixture of green and then to yellow is visually much closer than blue. This combination opens up a lot of possibilities for fashion experiments, which have long surrender the stars of show business.

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Ким Кардашян

Kim Kardashian

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Иман


с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Ванесса Уильямс

Vanessa Williams

Kim Kardashian loves to draw attention to their forms of unusual outfits, and bright color accents help her in this. The combination of turquoise a pencil skirt and a bright yellow top has not gone unnoticed in the secular chronicle. The same color principle and choice of clothing was one of the events in the model Iman, with the difference in reverse colors. Vanessa Williams chose for large turquoise jewelry, which she complemented the dress is beautiful and inconspicuous yellow.


Turquoise and coral

Turquoise, and blue goes well with shades of orange, in particular, with trendy coral, which can be both cold and hot. The Union of coral and turquoise is not only very popular for summer, but incredibly natural, as originally and the one and the other is shades of semi-precious stones. Due to the fact that the combination of these colors always good, the degree of saturation of both may be different, they both can be pale, both juicy, as necessary, giving each other opportunities to Shine or to remain in the image of a silent partner.

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Хелена Кристенсен

Helena Christensen

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Перри Ривз

Perry Reeves

Ashley Tisdale chose a bright turquoise skirt and soft coral top. In her case it is more than reasonable, then, that her appearance is no different brightness and contrast. Model Helena Christensen for everyday street style chose neon turquoise cardigan, turquoise ballet flats, coral pants and a grey cardigan, which affects the brightness of the turquoise. Perry Reeves rassadina in the image of turquoise and coral, but it has not become less sonorous. Turquoise necklace still perfectly with the coral color of the pants.


Turquoise and blue

There is nothing easier and more natural than combining the two “brotherly” shades of turquoise and blue. Most advantageously this combination of apparel, when dark blue and turquoise juicy. Best this combination looks not so much in different parts of the service, many in print for one detail.

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый Кэти Перри

Katy Perry

с каким цветом сочетается бирюзовый София Буш

Sophia Bush

Katy Perry – perhaps the hottest in show business fan all shades of blue, which she never ceases to mix with each other. At one of the concerts of the singer tried the image in the style of the fifties with a dress that combines blue and turquoise. Sophia Bush on one of the secular outputs wore tight mini dress Alexander Wang, which combined black bodice with turquoise blue skirt.

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