Closets are the objects of furniture, having an enormous advantage over other stores of clothes and accessories thanks to sliding doors, allowing to significantly save space living space.
Шкафы купе — это удобство и комфорт в доме2
When choosing models, an important criterion, which is oriented buyer, is the price. Acquire cabinets coupe cheap it is possible. For example, built in niches or model from a lack of a skeleton: ceiling, side walls or socle is closets with acceptable cost, but with weakened design due to the lack of certain parts of the repository, and fixing to the wall, which usually are not smooth, does not guarantee the durability of constructions.

Corpus case of a compartment is a model that has its own framework, it is a detached storage for things, and different quality and durability of the structure.

Internal filling is one of the important factors, which in the future will determine the usability and functionality of the closet. Shelves, drawers, mesh shoes, basket, a bar for service are the main elements of filling cabinets coupe, which provide comfort, but increase the cost of the Cabinet and terms of production.
Шкафы купе — это удобство и комфорт в доме
Materials, which are used for the frame doors, guides cabinets, is stainless steel and aluminium. If you need a reliable, inexpensive and easy wardrobe, then your choice you can stop on models of stainless steel. Cabinets coupe with aluminum system represent a construction having a thin-walled extruded profile, characterized by durability and the possibility of combining facade doors, the only drawback is the high cost of construction.

Main material used for the manufacture of cabinets coupe chipboard and for facades mirrors, protective film, which is recorded on the reverse side mirrors, provides security.

Article publication date: October 18, 2013

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