Калланетика для похудения

In our country callanetics for weight loss has become a hit of work over his body not so long ago. However, the fitness method was introduced in the early 80-ies of the last century. Author gymnastics, created on the basis of yogic asanas is Kalan Pinkney. From childhood, an American had a number of physical disability, and a whole bunch of diseases. But rather than come to terms with their problems, cheerful woman has developed a set of exercises that involve all groups of muscles. Today appearance and figure 60-year Pinkney is the envy of any young beauty and her health – all the young girls.

Unconditional efficiency

In the basis of callanetics – a harmonious combination of stretching and static load. Ideal for those who dream of a strong tight body, but does not love intensive physical activity and largely sedentary. Here you will not be any jumps, fast breathing and sweating. But, as the author of one hour of exercise, using its methodology for effectiveness can be equated семичасовому shaping or 24-hour classes of aerobics. The fact that the last two kinds of gymnastics practically do not involve the internal muscles. So in this case, the fat burning process, and at the same time metabolism and metabolism is accelerated to a greater extent.

One of the indisputable advantages callanetics – the process of losing weight, you can arrange with minimal costs. To do this, you need neither fitness center, or the coach. Just buy a pad and a disk in either download the video lessons and store up remarkable patience. The recommended duration of lessons for beginners is 15 minutes, but the exercise should be daily. Initially there will be a really hard during a workout the muscles much strain, then shaking all hamstring», and the next morning, raise will hurt the whole body. Do not be afraid, because muscle tissue is beginning to finally work, grow and replace hateful fat.

A nice bonus for those who have decided to lose weight with the help callanetics – gymnastics gives a wonderful effect of rejuvenation. The body becomes a young, flexible, skin supple, posture – straight and beautiful. Kalan assures that after 10 hours of lessons can be reset not only a certain number of kilos, but as much as 10 years. To the glowing complexion is added vigor, and a desire to move towards new victories. There are no special requirements to the diet this exercise puts forward.

Exercise of callanetics for beginners

To practice калланетикой at home, you can use one of the many video lessons developed by Marina Корпан, Daria Личискиной, Olga Завитаевой, Inga Дубоделовой, Elena Коняевой, Ekaterina Rykova, Tatiana Spear and other well-known in their environment instructors of fitness. If you are not an advanced user of this type of training, we recommend to start with the next set of exercises.

Exercise 1

Sit in a hard chair. Stand up on your feet resting on the arms. Back at this, keep straight, chin lift. Exercise helps to remove stress from the gluteal muscles.

Exercise 2

Standing, legs 35-40 cm from each other. Raise your hands as high as possible. Belly maximum retract and how would «grow» up. Now bend your knees and start to pull his hand forward. Bend forward and stand in that position for one minute. Pull his chin forward, and hands laid back. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 3

Stand up, straighten your back. Raise your hands up to shoulder level, palms up. Try to turn the palm as possible to the muscles during this exercise maximum worked. Take arms back, but without effort. Slowly move your shoulders. Tap your fingers behind the back, without bending your elbows. Repeat 50-100 times. Effect – straight posture, firm Breasts, relaxed between the shoulder blades muscles.

Exercise 4

Stand up, legs slightly apart. The right hand pull up and left put on the top of the thigh. Pull up the hand of the right half of the body. Hips is not balance. Tighten the buttocks, move the pelvis forward. Wait in this position minute. Lean towards the left until it stops. You should feel the tension of muscles. Repeat 50-100 times. The effect of reduced volumes of waist and hips.

Exercise 5

Lie on your back, hands pull forward, bend your legs. Raise your head and shoulders on 10 see Back below the shoulder blades should remain on the floor. Repeat six times.

Exercise 6

Please starting position as in the previous exercise of callanetics for weight loss. Lower back and buttocks should also continuously stick to the floor. Slightly lift the head and shoulders, and the right leg lift vertically. Be so 10-20 seconds. Change legs. Repeat the exercise for each lower extremity 10 times.

Exercise 7

The initial position is the same. Both legs of the lift in a vertical position. Head and shoulders to the blades are lifted. Be so 10 seconds. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Exercise 8

Sit on the floor, legs keep together outstretched in front of him. Lean forward, remove the hands feet. Repeat 50 times. Ideally, you want to touch his forehead and knees.

Who should not engage in калланетикой?

Despite the huge benefit of training, which is marked by a majority of losing weight, callanetics is absolutely not suitable for slimming and just feel better if there are a number of contraindications. So, the ones who have suffered any kind of surgery (surgical, cosmetic) should wait at least a year before embarking on this gymnastics. In the case of caesarean section-term increases to one and a half years.

If you have hemorrhoids or varicose veins, carefully review the complex of exercises of callanetics and eliminate from your training plan those aimed at strengthening the leg muscles, in particular, полуприседания and squats. Strictly contraindicated lose weight with the help of this type of exercise with asthma. And if you have problems with your vision, cardiovascular system, spine and musculoskeletal and pregnant you must first obtain the consent of the doctor.

Reviews of losing weight

Anna, 28 years. I must say, the extra weight I had a lot, and laziness. And simulator bought a home, and began to run in the morning for a couple with a girlfriend, and a lot of diets tried, and not bringing any of them until the end. Pills I always went around to the side (I had their own reasons). When we near the house in the House of culture announced admission to practice калланетикой, too believed in myself, and a positive result. But she enrolled. And not regret it! For six months I have put off 28 kg! By the way, the us was engaged in a little woman weighing much more than me. So this 127-pound woman for one lesson lost almost 1.5 kg (we always there were weighed). Now she weighs 82 kg Yes, I want to share the tips of our coach. First, two hours before exercise nothing to eat. Secondly, during the lessons drink 2-3 SIP boiled water. Thirdly, after all the exercises take a contrast shower (ideally swim in the pool, but it’s not all missing). Fourthly, after a workout drink and not eat for at least an hour. After the first training really hard, but if you can manage and do not drop out of калланетикой, the effect is simply stunning!

Lira, 33 years. Callanetics really helps to lose weight in all problem areas – and in the buttocks, and thighs, and waist. Great skin is tightened in such a ‘ hard to reach ‘ for normal trainings place both hands (the skin there is usually droops, and pushups not all have the strength). But even a complex of exercises for beginners complex. Even having a video with this gymnastics, I could not perform all the first time. But after training, your muscles at odds pleasant weakness. And 10 days later I learned that from the waist took me 4 cm, and with hip – 3,5 see So callanetics – for those who have or be in good physical condition, or iron will and strong motivation.

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