шапка ушанкаCap with ear-flaps is a truly Russian accessory that is alive and well for nearly a century. Foreigners people call it simply shapka and for them is the embodiment of Russia with its harsh winters. But wear a cap not only in our region, because of its pronounced military, as well as Russian style were gladly picked up by the designers of the world’s largest fashion houses, who produce stylish hats with indispensable fur knitted or «ears».


The fashion for «колчаковку»

шапка ушанкаCap-cap also called «колчаковкой», which is associated with its introduction it was in the army of Admiral Kolchak. The first time she appeared in 1919 and gradually began to displace other headdresses required as part of the military equipment. A distinctive feature of the earflaps from hats or caps was the existence of «ears», завязывающихся on the top, which made it indispensable detail of clothes in winter. In the ranks of soldiers, police and other state structures, cap with ear-flaps began its rapid spread and development, gradually changing the appearance, but at the same time, this accessory has entered into a civil fashion.

Ordinary people wearing a hat with bandaged ear, so she looked quite laconic and not flashy. It first started wearing men, but then began to produce and female models, which eventually became a worthy alternative to surround fur hats, not always able to protect from the cold due to the lack of «ears». To this day, cap with ear-flaps is the integral attribute of the image employee of the armed forces, however, it became a full-fledged fashion accessory, which found a use in men’s and women’s fashion.


Modern hats with earflaps

Earflaps, issued by the fashion houses for everyday wear, can as a fully copy the image of the classic «колчаковки»and radically different from it. The Russian style in high esteem, authenticity itself, too, so there are men and women who do not mind wearing accessory, which makes them similar to the brave police officer. But often even within the military style, is only partial borrowing, but the color and decor are permissible variety. Styles of modern winter fur caps is a lot like a warm, natural fabrics and furs, and more subtle, servants, rather decorative purposes. In everyday life-cap worn in a free-form, not tying «ears» neither the top nor the bottom under the chin.


Fur hat

шапка ушанкаThe most popular hat – fur. Fur in favor of the time, at the ear flaps, it looks particularly impressive, making it not only fashionable, but also incredibly practical. In this cap cannot freeze even at critically low temperatures, you can tie cords and protect from frost and wind ears and cheeks. Artificial fur in fashion, too, especially because the new technologies reached such a development, the artificial pile on the view may not differ significantly from natural, coming closer to him on the functional qualities.

And women’s and men’s fashion favors fur ушанкам, as with dense short fur and long. The most daring mods will not pass by earflaps with painted fur. For tailoring of such a cap is often used fur democratic rabbit fur or expensive mink, which оторачивают front надлобную part and the inner surface of the ears. The outer surface of the cap may be as a fur and leather, suede or even knitting. In a fur hat often combine the two types of fur – one, short, comes on top of the cap, the other, more long and expensive (Fox, polar Fox, sable) is becoming a «star» of this accessory, warming ears and flaunting over the forehead.


Different variants earflaps

шапка ушанкаJersey is a democratic alternative to fur or leather. It can be as the basis for top hats and fully form. Designers often combined Jersey with a stylish ornament, accustomed to winter sweaters, fur of the same color. The use of different patterns in the upper zone is one of the trends in hats with ear-flaps, which were previously very laconic, because and rather boring.

Other new and stylish variants of replacement of fur cap of fur and leather – model of Bologna and wool. Болоньевые hats with earflaps are inexpensive, and are perfect for the ERP, which is not very cold, they also created for the autumn, when it’s raining and there is a risk of ruin fur accessory.

Connoisseurs of British style should not pass hats with earflaps tweed, especially popular model in the «chicken leg» and with the Scottish cell tartan.

The image of a modern hats with earflaps so diverse that it can be worn with an unlimited number of styles outerwear and even without it. In the autumn, if you are not yet on the coat, and while limited to heavy sweaters knitwear textured knit, you can easily wear a cap, as knitted and fur. It blends perfectly with jackets, short coats, but if you want the cap can be worn with a long coat feminine, previously having selected an elegant model of wool or quality knitwear actual mating.

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